If you are in Versova look around for a beautiful blue bungalow. Step in and you wouldn't want to ever leave, says Shirin Mehrotra.

It took us a few seconds to realise that there hasn’t been an earthquake in the restaurant and the shelves are strategically placed to look like they are falling over each other. Wooden cabinets adorn the walls with books, crockery, music CDs, an old tape recorder and a Polaroid camera adding to the old school charm. A couple of staff members were sharpening Natraj pencils to place on every table with Sudoku sheets.

The Beatles’ crooned All You Need Is Love played in the background, but it was the jukebox in the corner that was clearly the star. The morning couldn’t have started on a better note. We headed straight to the mezzanine floor to grab a corner still admiring the whacky decor of the restaurant. Kudos to the owners who also own Bandra’s popular haunt, Bonobo

The menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, bar snacks and more. We decided to stick to the breakfast section and ordered a Red Velvet Pancake (Rs 140), Popeye – poached eggs, creamed spinach, cheddar, jalapeno waffles (Rs 201) and Eggs Kejriwal – fried eggs, green chillies and cheese served on toast (Rs 178). The last one was ordered just out of the curiosity generated by the name. We sipped on our apple pepper juice (Rs 140) and Earl Grey tea (Rs 78) while waiting for our breakfast. The juice was served in an old style jam jar or barni and that’s where we now know the place got its name.

The dish with the most amusing name was very simple - fried eggs and cheese on toasted breads with a topping of fried green chillies. It was like something you make at home to fix a quick breakfast. While digging in we wondered why it was called Eggs Kejriwal and came up with different reasons, but finally we asked the staff. We were told that the dish wasn’t named after a certain activist. It is named so because a local guy of the same name liked his eggs fried and served on toast with cheese and green chillies; a dish served in Mumbai’s clubs.

On our way out we spotted a jar full of Phantom Cigarettes. No better way to end a meal than with a smile and what a way to make us smile we say!

Must try – Popeye, red velvet pancake
Meal for two – Rs 1000  inclusive of taxes