Fancy names are alright. What we’re concerned about is the alcohol mix that goes into those surreptitiously innocent-looking shooters. Kainaz Contractor puts in a word of caution and lists down some deceptively potent concoctions that are bound to leave you high and dry.

Happy hour is to booze binger what an all-you-can-eat food fest is to foodies. They both start out promisingly, enticing their way through our limited appetites and permissible alcohol limits, only to leave us clenching our stomachs and controlling our gag reflexes.So unless you’re 18 and in the mood for some experimental binge drinking, memorise these shooter names and remember to avoid them. Our suggestion is to stick to one mother alcohol and phase in your buzz through the night.

Absinthe atomic bombs shots

The mention of absinthe itself should make you take a step back from the bar counter; let alone it being neat and spiked with brandy. Hallucinating effects or not, this one is guaranteed to make you rethink your decision. The good news, you’ll never get a hangover. The bad news, you could wake up the day after.

Black and Blue Shark

If this isn’t an adventurous mix of liquors, we don’t know what is. It’s got whisky, tequila, vodka and blue Curaçao liqueur. The Curacao is a honey trap. Innocent looking and blue candy-like, the alcohol trio approaches its victims slowly, masking all its potency behind the sugary sweetness of the Curaçao. But now, you should know better than to trust a shark.

Bull frog

If you thought the Long Island was the most abused cocktail of spirits that you could handle, this one is guaranteed to knock your socks off. The difference between the two may only be the mixer – Red Bull instead of Coca Cola – but boy, oh boy! The villainous Red Bull, which may not be as forgiving as Coca Cola, makes sure all of those 5 spirits find their right place in your blood stream and get you wasted for good.

Jager bombs

You never quite realise as to how many of these little devils you’ve downed at a party, until you do the obligatory shooter-count the next morning. In fact, patterns of binge-drinking this Jägermeister shot dropped into a glass of Red Bull have lead it to be banned in many Australian pubs. It’s the Red Bull that gives you the peppy illusion that the alcohol isn’t taking effect, but trust us, it is! These Jager bombs are also, more often than not the cause of the worst hangovers, when mixed irresponsibly with other drinks.


Kamikaze shotsThis shot, takes its name from suicide attacks by the Japanese military aviators on allied warships during the Second World War. This may be a slight exaggeration, since it only has vodka which is mellowed down by triple sec and lime. It’s not nearly as potent as a generously spiked Long Island iced tea but a few too many of these chased after a round of whisky, could lead to trouble and an attempt to commit suicide.

Long Island iced tea

It’s no surprise that this five spirited drink is synonymous with heart-broken boys and girls alike, the world over. But it also makes great for keeping your bar tab in check because a couple of these and your buzz will be taken care off for the rest of the night. But on the flipside, since the mixer used is Coca Cola, the alcohol strength seems diluted and encourages colossal gulps. Hello, I’m drunk!

Red Bull, tequila and vodka

This shooter needs no introduction, for most of us have once been victims of its sweet allure. But there’s none of the milky Irish cream here; this stuff is pure, unadulterated and meant for the big boys. This little baby has a lethal combination of spirits and is rightly the mother of all shooters. Don’t let the bubblegum flavour (courtesy Red Bull) fool you, it’s the caffeine in the energy drink that gets the alcohol directly in your blood stream for that instant hit.

Sake bombs

This one has left many a Japanese drinker dazed and plastered. This isn’t the Sake they know it; in fact this isn’t sake at all. It’s a shot of Sake plonked into a glass of beer and you’re meant to chug it down in one go. Now, that’s what you call a double whammy. It’s strong as hell, but the beer sure helps smoothen out the sharpness of the sake. It’s not the best of combinations but is often chugged during displays of feats of alcoholic strength.