If the thought of a barbecued beef or a spicy McChicken burger makes you hungry, let Shirin Mehrotra suggest a few ways to calm your burger cravings.

Our first memory of having a burger is big bites of toasted or deep fried burger bun stuffed with a fat potato patty, onion rings and tomato topped with a lot of ketchup. While the childhood favourite is not available anymore we definitely are spoiled for choice when it comes to burgers. Our quest to find the juiciest bite of burger took us to various restaurants and cafes around the city.

Pulled pork burger @ Indigo Deli
Indigo Deli’s Colaba outlet wins hands down when it comes to pork burgers. It’s tough to keep your dining etiquette in check with barbeque sauce and cheese oozing with every bite into the pulled pork burger (Rs 365). A side of tomato, lettuce, purple cabbage slaw and home fries complete the dish.

Legendary burger @ Hard Rock Cafe
Burgers lovers swear by the beef burger at Hard Rock Cafe and now we know why. The legendary burger (Rs 375), yes it’s named that on the menu, is served with a 10-ounce beef patty with bacon slivers and fries on the side. Enough said.

Image courtesy www.hardrockindiablog.com

Image courtesy www.hardrockindiablog.com

Beef tenderloin @ Cafe Sundance
The restaurant once known for its turtle burgers – turtle shaped burger buns and steaks, reopened recently. Even though they are not serving the good ‘ol turtle burgers, the beef tenderloin (Rs 385) and fish and chips burger (Rs 385) is worth the trip. A fat, juicy chunk of beef/fish, dollops of creamy sauce between sesame sprinkled burger buns is served with a portion of fries and salad on the side.


Double cheddar beef burger @ Woodside Inn
South Mumbai’s favourite pub brings the best of world’s burgers to town with their Annual Beer and Burger Festival. During the festival they serve up a selection of burgers from Mexico, Ireland, Belgium and other countries around the world. While these burgers are not available all year round some of the more popular ones usually win a spot on the regular menu. Try the double cheddar beef burger – grilled beef patty and English cheddar and mayonnaise slapped between slightly toasted sesame buns- and we’re sure you’ll be going back for more real soon.

Beef Burger @ Gostana
The cosy little cafe is known for its healthy burgers. The whole wheat bread and grilled patty will ensure that you don’t end up going on a guilt trip every time you order the delicious beef burger (Rs 200). Irrespective of whether you’re making the trip to the place or ordering in, this juicy beef patty flavoured with herbs and spices between whole wheat or multigrain burger buns is tummy-filling winner every time.

Image courtesy - http://www.gostana.com

Image courtesy - http://www.gostana.com

Mac n cheese bomb @ Burgs
The burger joint, which opened early last year, was tooted as the biggest contender to McDonald's; simply for being the only all-burger joint in Mumbai. After getting flack from customers for lousy meat to bread ratio and very run-of-the-mill taste, they revamped the menu and slashed the prices.

From here, we’re please that the Mac n Cheese bomb (Rs 180) made it to this list. One of the more popular items on the menu, this crispy potato patty stuffed with macaroni and cheese is something adults and kids alike can’t seem to get enough of right now.


Breakfast burger @ Melange
We didn’t really think that a vegetarian burger would make it onto the list. But including the Breakfast burger (Rs 110) from Melange was really a no-brainer. Stuffed with cucumber, tomatoes and a double serving of hash browns topped with onion marmalade, vegetarian food never looked so cool. The sweet-tangy onion and tomato sauce and the toasted bread took us back to school; well before the big burger brand infusion seeped in and changed our taste preferences forever.

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Miniature lamb burger @ Vinoteca
The miniature lamb burger at Vinoteca needs a special mention in this list. It might not be a complete meal like the rest of the big burgers here, but it’s definitely worth a try. The Lilliputian burger has small and very tender lamb patty in a burger bun with cheese and pickle.


After eight restaurants and nine burgers we might have ended up a few kilos heavier but it was all worth it. If you think we've missed your favourite burger that simply must make it onto our next line up leave us a comment and we promise to give it shot.

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