We all have a little bit of Bollywood in us and it’s only natural that our festivals reflect our favourite mood. Shirin Mehrotra gives you few ideas to celebrate Holi in a filmy way.

Do you eat, drink and breathe Hindi films? Is the famous nahiiiiii!!! your signature line and your friends have crowned you the drama queen/king? Welcome to the club. We add a little more drama in your life with these fun Bollywood themed Holi parties.

holi-aayi-re-kanhaaiyaSimpleton 60s
There are many reasons for calling this period the Golden Era of the Film Industry and music can easily be one of them. How about skipping all the DJ remixes this year and planning a party with the 60s theme? Get your friends to dress up in ghagra-cholis and dhoti-kurtas and stock up some natural colours and classic metal pichkaris (you might have to find a Bollywood prop supplier to get these) to add the finishing touches. We also have a playlist ready for you:

Holi ayi re kanhai – Mother India
Arrey ja re hat natkhat – Navrang
Tan rang lo jee aaj man rang lo – Kohinoor
Layi hai hazaron rang holi – Phool Aur Patthar
Hori khelat nandlal – Godaan
Please note, only one dance step is allowed to all these songs; so girls, one hand on the shoulder, one holding the ghagra and just sway to the music while the boys throw colour at you, gently.

White is inRang-Barse3
Remember all those Holi scenes from Hindi films where the hero, heroine and the whole cast wore spotless white clothes which later turned multicoloured? Now, we know that you tried wearing your best white dress for Holi to ape the stars and were subjected to a thrashing from your Mom in return. But now that you are grown up how about planning a Holi party with all the guests dressed in white? You can add a little more fun by dressing up as your favourite star of the 70s. Boys, keep buckets of colour ready to throw at unsuspecting ladies while you shake a leg on chaahe bheege teri chunariya chahe bheege re choli. Your playlist for the theme can be:

Aaj na chodenge bas humjoli – Kati Patang
Rang barse bheege chunar wali - Silsila
Holi ke din dil khi jate hain - Sholay
Mal de gulaal mohe - Kamchor
Ang se ang lagana – Darr
Do me a favour let’s play holi – Waqt: A Race Against Time

music-album-of-super-star-rajesh-khanna_94465_2Bhang ka rang
This is one part of Holi that we just can't ignore. Whether it was Rajesh Khanna dancing like a lunatic in Jai Jai Shiv Shankar or Jugal Hansraj manning up to woo his love interest in Soni Soni Akhiyonwali, bhang has always inspired our heroes to do something radical. We’d suggest that you too go a bit wild this Holi by throwing a bhang party. Keep the glasses of bhang mixed thandai ready for the guests as soon as they enter but remember to eat properly and drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. As for the playlist, here it is:

Jai jai shiv Shankar – Aapki Kasam
Rang barse bheege chunar wali – Silsila
Soni soni akhiyon wali – Mohabbaten
Nadiya se dariya – Namakharam
Madhubala – Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
Khai ke paan Banaras wala - Don

For those who don’t want to be drenched in colour and run away even at the mention of bhang, we have an idea for you too. Remember the young Jaya Bhaduri fretting over her father’s boring Holi? (Skip to 2:29:21 to watch)

Well, it’s not so boring when you have platefuls of sweets doing the rounds. So stock up on a lot of food, get plates of dry colour to apply on the forehead and Ho Gayi Holi!

Whatever theme you plan, don’t forget to add these classic Holi songs in your playlist.