Kala ghoda plays host to some of the savviest creative minds in the city and Priyanka Ganwani hops into Cheval for a dose of creative food genius.

It’s ‘the’ place in Mumbai where we usually go to love this city a little more. Rich architecture, great eateries and a place in cramped Mumbai where the streets are still wide and well maintained. Its where, food trends catch on and die at an alarming rate and where people’s palate want to try the next best thing, now.

Right next to a Khyber in Kala Ghoda is a dainty little entrance leading to a floor with a club (Liv) on one side and a restaurant and bar on the other. It’s interesting to see how two dining areas and a bar spread over a massive 3,ooo sq ft.

Walking into the dining area, we noticed the globe-like ceiling lamps lit up the little old school, yet strikingly contemporary. High walls and pillars make for a sleek new look and reminded us of the slim After Eight Chocolates - dark brown with slivers of mint green. The best part about the decor is that it doesn’t try too hard. Half the battle is won right here.












The cheesylicious appetizer, Gruyere Souffle (Rs 375),which was one of our favourites there, turned out to be the prime choice to start the meal with. The cheese was not overpowering and the paprika sauce with it, added a fun spicy element to the dish.

Moving on, we liked the Fennel and Apple salad (Rs 250), with a hazelnut and orange dressing.  The Apple and Mint Mule (Rs 175) however, just another fizzy apple drink.













For someone who isn’t a big fan of pizza to begin with, the thin crust Margherita (Rs 375) is worth a try. The simple flavour of basil came through clean and crisp made this a great fuss-free choice. Next up, the Spicy Chicken Pizza (Rs 425) made it to our table quickly and while the chicken pieces were masaledaar, the pizza sauce was rather sweet.Given the choice next time around, we’d definitely pick the flavourful Margherita over the sweet and saucy chicken pizza.

The Pomfret en papilotte (Rs 495), was brought to us wrapped delicately in butter paper. Be careful of a steam burn with this one as the lemon butter almost burst through the wrapping and filled the air with a burst of a crisp citrus aroma. Garnished with herbs and carrots, this one was flavourful and will be quite a relief for people who aren’t fans of spicy food.













We love dessert, and will happily tuck into some, even on a full belly. Three cheers here for stretchy pants! Having said that, we’re glad we picked the Sticky toffee pudding (Rs 295). This one can best be described as a heavenly soft muffin, with a heart of toffee caramel sauce served with dates and vanilla ice cream. Need we say more?

With all the gooey goodness of caramel, we moved on to the sinful Chocolate Crumble Ganache (Rs 350), a chocolate pastry that was luxuriously presented with lemon butterscotch cream.











That’s it, we were done with feasting for the next two days, but not without promising to come back real soon.

Must Try: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Meal for two: Rs 2000 exclusive of taxes, without alcohol.