With almost 12 different Chef’s Tables to choose from, Tanzif Hussain says you might be spoilt for choice.

Our opening night dhamaka- Zambar is known for its fun take on delicious coastal cuisine. If you have ever wondered what a ride down one of the backwaters of Kerala would be like, complete with aromas of coconut and chilli wafting through the air, then this is it.  At the Chef’s Table, Zambar’s presents flavours from the Suriani (Syrian Christian) kitchens.

Defined by its abundant use of fresh seafood, coconut, kokum, plantains, curry leaves and aromatic spices in their dishes, we say this Suriani Prawn Biryani is one dish you must try, at least once.


If the azure waters of the Mediterranean sea against the cool, white washed cafes that over look it are inviting, then you must find yourself a spot at Chef Ranjeet Jadhav’s  table at Fresc Co.

Stick a fork into the white fleshy Whole Baked Pomfret cooked with tomatoes, white wine and olives topped with Feta. So, you’re not a fan of the savoury Greek inspired menu? Pamper your sweet tooth with Baklava. Layers of toasted nuts covered with light crisp filo pastry and a hearty drizzle of sugar syrup – Can you possibly say no to that?

April Rain
If Master Chef or Top Chef Masters have you glued to the television, then you should make your way to April Rain – Pune’s new kid on the block.  Celebrity chef, Milind Sovani brings out some of his signature dishes for burrp’s! Chef’s Table. Ready your taste buds for the Multani Murg Shorba served up with a zingy garlic-dhania toast.

Asia 7
Dashing Chef Dean has scoured the exotic seven -  China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar for the

delicious Chefs Table line up. If you’ve ever felt a craving for fried rice, he’s upped the ante with popular Indonesia Nasi Goreng. Throw in fresh seafood with classic Asian flavours of tamarind, chilli and soy sauce and a fried egg and you have our idea of heaven.

Pesto Pesto

Take your eyes away from the tantalizing dessert section of Pesto Pesto’s menu. Chef Naman Khanna suggests trying a bite or two of old classic - strudel. Chef Khanna has tweaked this usually sweet dish by pairing it with a grilled cottage cheese and fresh orange salad. For that final flair there’s a spot of Tomato basil ragu for added pizazz.


Out of The Blue
Now, this is one dish we’ve had on our wish list, after a grueling season of MasterChef

Australia ended. Chef Sunil and Alpan of Out of the Blue bring out the big skill guns with this creative infusion of flavors exclusively for burrp’s Chef’s Table.
The tea-smoked chicken with onion tempura, spinach-iceberg lettuce with a soya onion reduction definitely makes it to our finale round. Watch how this one holds its own against other contenders on the menu as you play judge and jury.


Our vegetarian guests at Panash’s Chef’s Table on 22nd November will have a reason to rejoice as Chef Tenzin brings us the vegetarian Dumplings stuffed with an irresistible Pakchoy and water chestnut fusion. While that already had us writing up a storm, we think the Banana Fritters with Soya Chilli Dip and Vanilla Ice cream might just be the underdog who will steal the show. Care to wager a bet?

Spaghetti Kitchen
We’ll be seeing the chefs at Spaghetti Kitchen doing what they do best- dole out a lavish Italian meal. We can’t wait to dig into the Herbed sea bass served with a pistachio pesto and a saffron lemon sauce. Fighting for Pune’s attention on the same day as Panash, we don’t envy your position, Pune, but we do like the choice

Come 24th November, Flambos plans to woo you with a menu inspired by feisty Italian crackling Iberian and sizzling Brazilian influences. We’re curious about what sounds like a delicious version of the spread of meat lovers favourite – Carpaccio. This time around, Flambos prepares this one with thinly cut Beetroot Carpaccio, drizzled with a lemon olive dressing and topped with salty bits of feta. If that isn’t enough to get the juices flowing, try the strawberry soup. We promise you something, you would never have thought possible of the fruit.

Copper Chimney
On 21st November, Copper Chimney plans to leave no stone unturned when it comes to their mouth-watering menu.

Inspired by the Shahi Rasoiya preparations, reminiscent of the vegetarian kitchens of the old Delhi Havelis, we think this is full paisa vasool.
We can’t wipe the smile off our faces, as we think of the Kubhani kofta with their flavourful apricot and vegetable stuffing, simmered in rich gravy. In addition, did we mention the Pista Malai Kulfi Falooda? It almost dares you to miss it

Arthur’s theme
Arthur’s theme is all set to host the chef’s table on 26th November, and we have saved the best for the last. Devouring an English favourite, Beef wellington with garlic-mashed potatoes and a red wine reduction is how we plan on wrapping up the Chef’s Table and we propose you follow suit. On a more honeyed note, we think for now, we’ll settle for dreaming of the Lemon Cheesecake with the Hazelnut crumbs and citrus sabayon.

*All pictures are for representational purposes only.



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