As we inch closer to the burrp! Chef’s Table, Navni Kumar takes a closer look at the menus and tells you which dishes are a MUST TRY!

Traditional Thai curry @ Chi Kitchen & Bar

The first Chef's Table starts on 18th November:  is hosted by Chef Mohan Chauhan at Chi Kitchen & Bar in Saket. Although famous for its Chizzas (read: Chinese pizza), this event is going to be purely Thai. We recommend the traditional thai chicken curry because of its rich, yet delicate coconutty taste. Whereas many places can tend to go overboard with the lemongrass flavour, Chi keeps it minimal and chi-c! Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, Bloody Mary or a refreshing mojito.

Chicken shanghai dumpling @ Royal China

Royal China’s Chef Eric Khoo Thiam Haut has prepared several dishes to make your taste-buds very very happy on 19th November. One of the dishes that really popped out at us from the menu is the chicken shanghai dumpling. Now we’ve all eaten dumplings- there’s no dearth of them in Delhi. However, the chef has prepared this one with soup inside! Imagine the hot gush of delicious soup and chicken bits as you bite into a soft, hot dumpling. And don’t worry, your tongues won’t burn. It’s the good kind of hot.

Herbed sea bass @ Spaghetti Kitchen

Spaghetti Kitchen always has the most delightful dishes; from pork ribs to various pastas and pizzas. The Chef’s Table Menu for 21st Nov has a herbed sea bass prepared by Chef Tejas Bhoite.  This dish is packed with flavour. The soft fillet will come accompanied with a delicious pistachio pesto, a lemon sauce and seasoned with saffron. Sea food lovers, prep up your taste-buds.

Black Forest Steak @ Blanco

Chef Raj Kumar is all prepared to host the Chef’s Table on the 21st and has prepared a whole banquet of a meal. Sifting through the menu, we wanted to try pretty much everything but zeroed in to the Black Forest steak. This is no ordinary steak. It is stuffed with cherries and wrapped in bacon (no we’re not kidding) and served on a bed of creamy rocket potatoes. Sounds like a true carnivore’s dream! We also want to try the Berrimissu- the traditional tiramusi with an infusion of forest berries.

Chicken garlic Aniseed @ Mamagoto

The last Chef’s Table will be hosted by Ms Janti Duggal at Mamagoto (Gurgaon) on the 27th. A look at the menu and we immediately wanted to hog on the chicken garlic aniseed dish. Apart from the garlic and anise flavour, the tender chicken is served with crispy spinach giving it just the crunch we always look for.

But remember, we’ve only picked out one dish. There’s so much more for you to try from the specially designed menus. Each place has prepared a 3-5 course meal to gratify your cravings. So don’t miss the chance to relish some amazing food in the company of other foodies and the Chef himself. You never know, he may just slip you a hint on how to go about cooking your favourite dish on the table!