Director: Arbaaz Khan

Cast: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Prakash Raj, Vinod Khanna

b! Says: ***1/2

Salman's back with (D)a bangg!

The lion like slow walk, aviators slung backwards on the collar and whistle worthy one-liners are back with (D)a bangg. As Robinhood Pandey makes an entry into another city of Uttar Pradesh, he first and foremost brings back old memories from his last outing (read Dabangg). But while the second installment doesn't give you a single dull moment, it falls a little short of those mammoth sized expectations.

The sequel picks up from where the last one ended. Fresh after killing Cheddi Singh in Lalganj, Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) is transferred to Kanpur. Even before he sets foot in the city, Pandeyji's heroic tales spread like wild fire and soon the fearless cop ruffles feathers with the bad guys. Chulbul rubs MLA Bachcha bhaiya (Prakash Raj) the wrong way and once again the old chor-police game begins.

Donning the khakhi has never looked this enjoyable. Chulbul's two policemen cronies, Tiwary and Choubey take care of the entertainment department at the police station and his foodie boss, SP Anand Mathur's (Manoj Pahwa) platter full of food  might force you to run to the snack bar at once. We'd suggest the food service on the seat option, as you wouldn't want to miss a single frame of this entertainer. Bajaria thana that transforms into a dance bar by the night, holds special performances sometimes even by their thanedaar, Pandeyji.

The comic-strip style credits in the beginning sets the tone of the film and the entertaining first half raises more expectations than what it delivers, especially in the action department. But while Prakash Raj doesn't disappoint with his performance, we miss Cheddi Singh and his dramatic end from the prequel. However much you might have laughed at Pandeyji's shirt-tearing, button-ripping action sequence from the last one, the lack of it in the climax this time round does disappoint! what we expect is super-human Rajinikanthism (like the first fight sequence from the film) but what we get during the course of the film is just a little more than average dishum-dishum.

Sonakshi Sinha as Rajjo plays Chulbul's dutiful wife and their cheesily-romantic sequences are endearing. Although she never looked like the under-confident debutant, her performance comes out stronger this time. While Vinod Khanna gives no reason to complain, Arbaaz Khan might have gotten busy with direction it seems as Makhi hardly has a role to play in the proceedings.

While 'zhandu balm' gets replaced by 'fevicol se', director Arbaaz Khan manages to keep the spark alive with Dabangg 2.

An out and out entertainer only with minor disappointments, nevertheless get 'raady taiyaar' for Dabangg 2 this weekend. It's enjoyed best with popcorn and Pandeyji ishtyle seetis. The bhaiyajis will definitely ismile after sitting through this one.