Love has many expressions and most couples show it by indulging in PDAs. There are a few chosen spots in Delhi that are known to be favoured by these smitten lovers. Ratieka S. Dhawan lists five places that you can go to annoy these couples!

Lodhi Garden

Located on Lodhi Road, this place is bustling with joggers in the mornings. As the day progresses though, you would find couples busy looking into each others’ eyes or having a picnic in the lawns. However, the garden does have its share of police constables to keep a check on obscene behaviour.

Ansal Plaza

This erstwhile famous mall located on Khel Gaon marg is a permanent lover’s hub. It has an open-air amphitheatre with stairs, which is always packed with lovers sharing intimate moments. If you happen to visit the mall, make sure you stay away from this area lest you cause embarrassment. Not to them, but to yourself.

Buddha Garden

Walk into Buddha Garden and rest assured of going completely red in the face. Your view will include men lying in the lap of their ladies, kissing them and playing with their hair. And they don’t even mind having an audience. You might find a constable trying to hush them away, although some smart ones buy time from the cops with their sweet talks.


This age-old lover’s spot is a movie hall. When the lights go off, the movie is not what people are concentrating on. The couples get cosy and indulge in mini make-out sessions. Word of caution: If you don’t wish to get scandalised, try not to go for morning shows.

Metro Station stairs

Metro station staircases are popular spots for couples to show their love for each – but subtly. Since this is a high traffic area, there is not much public display of affection. They’ll either sit together holding hands or having one of their lover’s tiffs.