Pune is seeing a number of new places catering to those who want a fuss free healthy breakfast. Neha K Kulkarni makes waking up a whole lot easier.

Linger On

linger on 2Located on Baner road, this small cafe has the perfect American breakfast for you.  With seven varieties of coffee (priced between Rs 52-65), hot chocolate and a selection of four different kinds of tea options. The breakfast menu has a page full of options like various eggs - omelettes including a Spanish, pork and ham, chicken sausage or eggs scrambled and sunny side up. If you relish a big breakfast, you’re spoiled for choice here. American breakfast are nothing without all the fun stuff served on the side. Pick from hash browns, rashers of crisp bacon and sausages.

If you are looking to have it all, they have a breakfast combo (Rs 167) that lets you pick an omelette, one side, a muffin and a hot beverage. For the health conscious bunch, omelettes with just egg whites is available at an extra Rs 10 and if you’re craving something sweet in the morning, you could always have pancakes instead.

In short, just as the name suggests, bellies bursting at the seams make you linger on.

Price: Rs 200
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egg benedictIf you haven’t had breakfast at Terttulia, then you’ve really missed out one of the best morning hops in Pune. With the huge variety of fun stuff to choose from, deciding  on what to order is a task. The menu boasts of multiple options of omelette with an assortment of sides to choose from like bacon, cheese, sausages, grilled tomatoes and fruit and yogurt.

Our personal favourite is the Eggs Florentine - two eggs baked with creamed spinach and cheddar on toast and served with hash browns on the side (Rs 215). It’s one of the simplest dishes to try out in your kitchen, but the flavour of this dish at this place will have you coming back for it every time.

The other dishes to try are the fluffy omelette with bacon and cheese (Rs 165), or even the Eggs Benedict - two poached eggs with ham served on an English muffin topped with hollandaise and served with hash browns on the side (Rs 215).

If you wish to give the eggs and muffin a pass, dig into some of the breakfast bagels, waffles and pancakes that are priced at less than Rs 200 and also make a great start to your mornings.

Price: Rs 300-350
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Peter Donuts

SAMSUNGStart your day on a sweet note by sinking your teeth into some ‘dough’licious breakfast options at Peter Donuts. This casual little eatery in Aundh serves up a great selection of donuts and waffles. Sip on a cup of Cafe Latte (Rs65) while reading your morning paper online. Free WiFi!

Choose from eleven options of donuts like Original (Rs 40), Rainbow (Rs 60), Strawberry (Rs 70), Mango (Rs 55) and Yogurt filled (Rs 55) to name a few. Freshly made waffles with assortment of sauces like blueberry, strawberry, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and maple syrup are really popular here. Our personal favourite is the waffles set meal that includes two waffles, blueberry and chocolate sauce, whipped cream, ice cream and maple syrup finished with a strong cup of black coffee (priced at Rs 250). Though the place is a tad expensive, it is a must visit nonetheless.

Price: Rs 250-300
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The Flour Works

breads at the flour worksThis sweet little cafe in Kalyani Nagar stays away from the main street madness and is just the spot to start the day. Divided between indoor and outdoor seating, this is like you typical European street side cafe. Some things you must try here are the stuffed omelette with spinach, mushroom and cheese served with two pieces of toast either wheat or white (Rs 150), the bagel and cream cheese (Rs 150) and two pancakes served with cream/honey or chocolate sauce (Rs 60). Among the other popular options offered here are crepes (Rs 125) with the choice of four different fillings. We usually stick with chicken and cheese, which is simply delicious.

Price: Less than Rs 200
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So, the next time you are thinking of breakfast options around the city, give these wholesome one a shot and tell us what you think at www.burrp.com.