Sandhya Ramachandran catches up with DJ Eric Paul and discovers his passion for electronic music.

We’re sure glad that DJ Eric Paul treats his music as a passion, and not a profession. “My hobby is music. When I am not at work, I work at collecting music,” says this full time IT professional by day and DJ by night. He believes that being passionate about his music is what keeps his craft going.

He was a regular at the popular club Speed, and one Thursday, which was a dead night, he casually asked the manager if he could be the DJ for the night. What resulted was a great night of music and the rest as they say was history. His love for electronic music has only grown since and today he plays in Blend, B-Bar and a number of other clubs around town.

While he says, “I don’t like music that is disguised as electronic music,” he does play a little commercial and pop music on occasion. “Chennai understands the kind of music I play. I’d even go so far as to say it’s the most educated audience in terms of electronic music in India,” he explains.

Thrilled with the compliment for the city, we fish for more asking him to compare it with the rest of the cities in India. “See, it is called underground music for a reason. Bangalore probably has a thousand people with an active nightlife. We probably have 200-300 people, but we really know our electronic music better and what’s more, we are getting there in the numbers as well,” Eric says.

With gigs in Colombo coming up soon, Eric dreams of playing at Time Warp Festival in Germany or in the East Asian region, where electronic music is extremely popular. While we hope he gets there soon, for now Eric has put together a 2013 hit list especially for us.

Mix-tape 2013

  • ‘Disco Light’ by Anthony Rother

  • ‘Afterlove’ by Shlomi Aber

  • ‘Love Somebody Else’ by Maceoplex

  • ‘Beneath your beautiful’ by Labyrinth

  • ‘Little Talks’ by Of Monsters and Men