From rap, reggae and old school to more eclectic genres likes Moombahton, Rahul Gairola aka DJ Ziggy B plays it all. Navni Kumar talks to him about his craft.

Burrp Pic3_ou5tDJ Ziggy Bstarted drumming when he was 8, break dancing at 14 and produced and performed rap music by the time he was 17. Music was definitely his calling. A few years later, India had its first break-dancing DJ, introducing audiences to old school music, re-mixed with the newest tracks by talented not-so-mainstream artists.

What made you take the plunge into becoming a DJ?

I’ve always been connected to music for as long as I can remember, so good bass lines and rhythms have always been a part of my life. I think, all the experience I gained when I was working with different DJs, helped me slide into this career effortlessly.

Who gave you your first big break?

After playing at a lot of expat nights and private parties, I got my first big break with a gig at Zook in Saket. The response was just insanely positive. We had people climbing up the walls and onto tables. It was definitely a high point.

What are some of the places you love playing at?

I think my three favourite venues are Zook, Out Of the Box and The Living Room Café. The people at Zook know how to appreciate a good fat bass. Out of the Box has a sweet set up, and is just the right size, while the owner of TLR has always supported local talent, which is a huge plus.

What do you love and hate about being a DJ?

The best thing has to be that I get to jam to the music I love and see all sorts of people enjoying it as much as me.  It is a heady feeling to have a room full of people moving to your music.

The worst thing, however, is the business aspect; trying to make money while doing what you love is not always easy.

What can one see you doing when not playing music?

I used to break dance in clubs and sometimes teach local kids. Some of those kids went on to create a huge break-dance movement in Delhi. Besides, I also rap and am part of rap duo, Park Rollerz, with the other half being Austrian/Honduran rapper Phases.

On occasion, I also film videos for artists like Soom T, Million Styles, Michal Menert and Steve Aoki.

You can catch DJ Ziggy B at TLR Café on 12th January. For more info, log onto or