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Experiences You Ought To Have In Your City

Nascimento Pinto September 19, 2016





What would you like to experience? 
If you’re looking to give your family or friends the best food and drink experience and don’t know the best deal, we help you with our curated list.

Continental Experience at Mediterra, Bandra West

Continental Experience @ Mediterra, Bandra West
If you’ve visited countries in the Mediterranean region and love their food, head out to Mediterra for a delicious four course experience with soups and salads, appetizers, main course and dessert. Choose from simple Minestrone de Verdura or Bouillabaisse or a delicious Chicken Caesar salad. Appetizers have a variety of kebabs, eat the Adana Kebab or try the Smokey BBQ Cottage Cheese. For mains, there are Ratatouille, Steak, Spaghetti and seafood too. Do not forget to end your meal with a Saffron Crème Caramel or a Hot Lava. If you’re looking for something chilled, the restaurant also serves beers that you can sip on during your meal.
Price: Rs 1,000 per person (inclusive of taxes)
Italian Food @ Francesco’s Pizzeria, Lower Parel
Who doesn’t love pizza? Hop over to Francesco’s Pizzeria and try their four course meal of delicious Italian food. The menu has a variety of options in starters in small bites and salads; try a tangy Tuscan Bruschetta or a cheesy Panzerotti. If you want to eat light, try the crunchy Greek Goddess or the fresh and cheesy Rughetta, you can also add chicken to the latter if you’re craving chicken. The main course includes pizzas like The Brutus, a spicy, cheesy and crunchy pizza and the oriental and spicy Angry Bird among others. Eating an Italian meal without pasta is impossible, try the classics or skip them for the creamy Fettucine and poricini mushrooms. The dolci or sinful desserts are one to die for – a classic mini cheesecake, a chocolate waffle – broffle and a red velvet waffle too.
Price: Rs 628 per person (inclusive of taxes)
Pan-Asian Delicacies @ Oriental Wok, Andheri West
If you’re a fan of Asian food, there is no looking back. Drive down to Oriental Wok for a mouthwatering culinary experience. The restaurant has a five course meal that includes Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Indonesian and Malay cuisines. Eat appetizers like Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce or pick from two varieties of dim sums to start with; eating a classic soup is also how you could start your meal. For main course, select one from a variety of sauces to be had with two types of noodle or rice preparations. End your meal with desserts like Date Pancakes or Honey Noodles with Ice cream.
Price: Rs 1,200 + taxes per person

Traditional Asian Dining at Asia 7, National Highway 8

Traditional Asian Dining @ Asia 7, National Highway 8
If you’re craving for a complete pan-Asian experience, the stop by at Asia 7 to experiences flavours from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam among others. Start with a classic Tom Yum soup, you can add chicken or to seafood to any of your choices from the list. Experience Japan with a wide variety of sushi or maki. You don’t stop there, their unique dim sum varieties will make you instantly happy, try the Broccoli and Almond dim sum or the Spicy Pork dumpling. In the next course of appetizers, eat light; try the Asparagus tempura or Fish Hunan style if you love seafood. Choose any one spicy, sour or sweet gravy of your choice along with two rice or noodles that you would like to eat it with. Don’t forget to keep place for desserts, either the date roll or a delicious fried ice cream.
Price: Rs 1,000 + taxes per person
Italian Affair @ Caffe Tonino, Connaught Place
Indulge in a soup, appetizer or salad to start your five course meal. Have or your fill or not but keep some space to try out the main course at Café Tonino, either pizza or dishes that are not pasta at all. In the first course, try either a simple Minestrone soup or Buffalo Chicken wings, if you want it different. If you love an overdose of chicken, try the Chicken Lovers pizza but not before eating a fresh salad. Make your way through a deliciously tangy and cheesy Involtini di Melanzane or a perfectly baked Lasagna con Pollo and Panna cotta for dessert.
Price: Rs 1148 + taxes per person
Evenings @ Elma’s Bakery, Hauz Khas Village
Treat yourself to a better evening than eating chaat or momos on the street. Elma’s is a cozy little place in Hauz Khas village to enjoy your tea or cool or rainy evening in Delhi. Choose from a collection of teas, scones and cakes. Served in a two or three tier tray, eat assorted finger sandwiches, homemade cakes or scones with thick homemade cream or summer berry jam.
Price: Rs 891 + taxes per person
Vegetable Italian Thin Crust Pizza

Italian Feast at Little Italy, Indiranagar

Organic Food @ Om Made Café, Koramangala
Don’t like a fancy fine dining experience? Step out and head to Om Made Café for some organic food. The café has an earthy vibe with wooden furniture that gives you the feel of Goa, coincidently the café also has its roots there. Start with a tomato coriander soup or a cream soup, you can add chicken to the latter too. Move on to fresh salads like Praia or Tabboule, while the former is cheesy, the latter is tangy and chilled. Take a bite off a delicious quiche crust baked with cheese; the Croque Madame is a meat treat with ham, cheese and sauce sandwiched between bread and topped with egg and ham again. The mains have Italian and Indian options that are mouthwatering and one of each is definitely a recommendation. Finish your meal with a brownie, fruit tart, cheesecake or waffle.
Price: Rs 1,000 + taxes per person
Mediterranean Food @ 100 ft. Bar Boutique Restaurant, Indiranagar
Picture yourself enjoying a meal in an old house in Bangalore, that is exactly what 100 ft in Indiranagar. The Mediterranean restaurants five course meal includes a soup or salad, appetizers, pizza, mains and dessert. Try a Seafood Bisque or a classic Greek salad; the appetizers have a variety of Lebanese dishes as well as a platter in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, you can choose any one. Their pizzas can be shared between two, either a Verdure Miste or a classic Margherita. The mains have Italian options like lasagna and risotto but also have Pan-grilled Pork Chops and Lamb Stifado. Do not forget to end your meal either with a Tiramisu, Cheesecake or Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake.
Price: Rs 1,000 + taxes per person
Italian Feast @ Little Italy, Indiranagar
Little Italy’s six course meal helps you express your love for Italian food with every dish. Start with a soup, move to a salad and follow it with another round of appetizers, main course, some pizza and desserts to end it all. Choose any one from all with options like Crema di Funghi or Cream of Mushroom Soup, a Contadina salad and Spinaci Salsa, a cheesy Lasagna Alla Napoletana or a savoury pancake like Crespelle. There is also a thick base Sicila pizza and a cheesy and tangy Pasta Del Barone to choose from. End your meal with either a Chocolate Bomb or a Mango Cheesecake (Semifreddo Al Mango).
Price: Rs 850 + taxes per person
Kebabs you must try before Ramzan ends

Indian Fare at Zaheer Khan's Dine Fine, Viman Nagar

Mediterranean Breakfast @ Dezio, Kalyani Nagar
Want to eat a delicious breakfast? Head to Dezio for a breakfast made from local produce. Among the options are a Mushroom and Cheese Cornetto and Fruit Salad; it is served with different options in tea and coffee and a fruit juice too. If you like the classic English breakfast, they serve it with bacon or sausages and a bread basket that will make you love your breakfast.
Price: Rs 366 + taxes per person
Indian Fare @ Zaheer Khan’s Dine Fine, Viman Nagar
Don’t like experimenting much? Dine Fine has food that will suit your palate with every bite. Start with Hara Bhara Kebab or other kebab varieties or the traditional Chicken Tikka or even the succulent Reshmi Chicken Tikka. Follow with a Tomato Coriander Shorba to keep you warm before moving on to main course dishes like a spicy Chicken Chettinad or Mutton Roganjosh with your choice of rice. The five course meal can be ended with desserts like Phirni and Gulab Jamun among others. The restaurant also serves mocktails like Virgin Mojito, Spiced Guava and a Sinful Passion drink.
Price: Rs 625 + taxes per person
Italian Journey @ Portobello, Viman Nagar
Looking for a deliciously piping hot meal in Pune? Portobello’s three course meal will make you happy with their sumptuous meal. Choose from a variety of vegetarian, non- vegetarian and seafood salads to start your meal. The main course has a variety of pastas and pizza along with Half Roast Chicken served with Polenta, vegetables and lemon butter. Don’t forget to end your meal with a Banofee Pie or a White Chocolate Panna Cotta.
Price: Rs 660 + taxes per person

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