A new study has found that fitness-fanatical Indians tend to carry tracks and swimsuits whenever they travel for business.

In spite of their fast-paced lives, Indian businessmen are actually so bent on fitness that they won’t leave home without their costumes or tracksuits - even when they travel for work! When workplace environment specialist Regus asked over 17,000 respondents from more than 80 countries about the most unusual thing they habitually take on a business trip, almost a fifth of Indian business travellers (which was 18% of the total respondents) declared that they were inseparable from their fitness clothing.

Other personal things that may be caught peeping out of a briefcase are gifts for hosts, carried by 20% of thoughtful Indians and a photograph of the family, packed by a soppy 16% of Indian respondents.

Known for their religious bent of mine, Indian business people (11.8%) carried religious text while travelling as against a global average of just five per cent. And how can we forget packing home food? About 13.9% of Indians carry special food in their luggage compared to eight per cent of the global average!

Globally, this top selection was followed by a photograph of the family (16%) and a gift for hosts (15%) highlighting that the ‘human touch’ in business has not lost its importance even in today’s fast paced environment.

Did I hear right?

This isn’t all. Some quirkier responses include:  the national flag, saplings, a lucky gem and spices to complement bland foods.

The weird and wonderful things people were found to take on business trips, from fitness equipment to favourite foods and objects, often reveal how personal and professional lives struggle to co-exist in today’s high pressured work environment.  Evidently the line between business and pleasure is blurring with more people feeling they need to take a bit of home away with them. This may well be because people are working more and more in flexible workspaces, so they like to have something with them that adds the personal touch wherever they are.

Non-business items on business trips



Gift for their hosts

20 %

15 %

Swimming costume/exercise clothes

18 %

27 %

Family photograph

16 %

16 %

Special food

13.9 %

8 %

Religious text

11.8 %

5 %