Priyanka Ganwani previews Yes Yes Why Not’s first collection of funky products and tells you what to watch for at their first exhibition.

YYWN OfficeIt’s been nine years, since communication and design agency, Yes, Yes Why Not (YYWN) started up. The big ‘Papa,’ copywriter, Tapan Mody and his team keep the eccentric creativity alive and gear up for their first showcase. With eight product-categories, YYWN say their tone of work is quite absurd, making the title of their showcase ‘Bizarre’ apt.

The monotony of designing logos was getting to them and it was time YYWN did something different. After a number of insane brainstorming sessions, this crazy bunch has come up with a range of products, like designer tees, funky furniture (tables, bottle lamps), fun stationary (stickers, pencil studs, keyboard/laptop foam sheets, wrapping papers) and other life style products.

YYWN_Sticker designs_01.24.13The great part about these products is that they are a labour of love and are all produced, manufactured, researched, and at times even damaged, in-house. This little herd of creative minds say they can’t wait to let their designs speak for themselves. “We’ve come a long way and it’s taken us the better over four years to bring out something as irreplaceable as this. Now, all we have to do is wait for the day,” says Namrata Mody the self proclaimed ‘senior whatever’.

Their range oozes with insanity and humour; here is what you should look forward to:

Munshi Tables

YYWN Munshi TableIt’s time someone remembered our school desks, which bore witness to endless scribbles, ink stains and sometimes even creative carving. It seems like YYWN has brought this piece of nostalgia to the fore by giving a whole new meaning to our classic, humble ‘Munshi Table.’ The surface tells an illustrated story of its own and while you’d probably use it for work, you might just get lost somewhere in the designs as well.

Khandani Pillows

Another great product is the range of small ‘Khandani’ pillows. You need all the members of the family to complete a set. Have them lying in your car, or on supporting you and your crazy team as you work. Brightly coloured, these eye grabbing designs are perfect to add a splash of interest to any space.

Wooden Bottle Lamps

Pretty wooden carved and hand illustrated bottle lamps with little canopies are the perfect statement piece in a sparsely decorated room. Have them hanging in the center of your room or in a corner to emphasise a book case/ shelf.

There’s more good news. Two of these products, the bottle lamps and ‘Munshi Tables’ are open to customisation. Choose your design from the customisation catalogue on their website or simply send them a mail. For all of you who are always on the lookout for unique wrapping papers you can now just bulk order customised ones. While there are a number of places making highly priced kitschy products, Tapan says, “If you pick up something from this range, you know every penny is worth it. Better yet, it isn’t ridiculously priced. Products range from Rs 50 to Rs 35, 000.”

Catch YYWN’s work at various design fests, pop-up stores and flea markets. The team also plans to sell their products through online store tie-ups and their website, which will be activated shortly.

It’s going to be absolutely worth dedicating your weekend to such an art fair.  And as Tapan says, “Hingle-mingle and take back a little design forever.” We think this show would be fun, irrespective of whether you’re planning on buying something or not.

For more details of the event click here.