Chuck the old Tequila shot and light the fire with these wacky flaming shots as Prakriti Sharma introduces you to the what’s what of burning liquor.

A.S.S. on Fire
A crazy mix of Amaretto (sweet Italian liquor), a splash of rum, Sour Apple Pucker and some Southern Comfort (fruit, spice and whiskey flavoured American liquor). This shot will make your you wetter than the rain!

Flaming Cocaine
Your bartender will never refuse to concoct this one. It’s a mix of some classic flavours, put together to burn the roof down. It is made by mixing cinnamon schnapps, vodka and a dash of cranberry juice. Soon you’ll be saying hello to a neon pink world!

Dr. Pepper
You’ll need a beer mug and a shot glass to carry this one off.  It’s a blend of almond liquor and rum in a shot glass, lit up and placed in a glass of beer and then slammed! If you’re not in the party mood, this one’s a doctor in a mug!

Blue Jesus
Rum, tequila, peach and peppermint – ever thought you’ll be mixing the four? Nah! We say try! This burning baby Jesus will definitely leave you an eager martyr. Make sure you extinguish the angry flame before gulping it down; it often gets nasty.

Flaming Rockstar
Not just the flames, but also the tangy orange flavour of this shot will tickle your mouth with its punch of sour mix, rum, vodka and gin. Ask for this one and not only your friends, but your bartender will be shocked as well. Don’t forget to chase it with an orange slice.

If these suggestions has already gotten you all fired, we have some expert favourites for you as well. Pick your city and see where burrp! drinks. Don't forget to read the safety precautions though!

Ashik Beni Raj from Dugout, Koramangala, votes for the Three Point Shot. “It is a mix of kahlua, sambuca and gold rum and it’s one of my favourites. What’s better is that it comes with a warning – “do not add more alcohol to an already burning drink as the fire will spread. Also use heavier glassware as it reduces the risk of the glass cracking, ‘coz the golden girl is too hot to handle!”

Bartender Uma Pathi says this about the flaming shots at 10 Downing Street, T Nagar: “The Flaming Wiper is a mix of Baileys, blue curacao and sambuca and this one’s deadlier than the blue coral snake! The second in demand is a mango and strawberry-flavoured vodka flamer and it’s one of my favourites. But you need to be careful with your hair. Guests also need to make sure they have enough space while having the shots to avoid accidental fire!”

This is what bartender Francis Ferrao has to say about the flaming shots at AZ.U.R. Goa Marriott Resort: “The Sun Burn Shot is a mix of sambuca and blue curacao flavoured with mint and it’s one of my favourites. Let this be the first flaming cocktail of the night of because you have to be very attentive! Make sure you light only the mint-flavoured layer and blow the flame before having the shot. If you want to be extra careful, dunk in a straw.”

Bartender Jayesh says this about the flaming shots at 10 Downing Street, Begumpeth: “The Flaming Lamborghini is a mix of kahlua, blue curacao and sambuca and it’s one deadly shot. The other is the Tequila Slammer and has tobacco, fresh lime and a dash of blue curacao and it’s one of my favourites. You need to be really careful with your clothes here. Drink up with a straw because you can burn your shirt along with your lips!”

Bartender and co-owner, Keenan Tham, of Trilogy says, “The Flamingo Lemongini is an electric mix of Baileys, kahlua, blue curacao and sambuca and is definitely one of my favourites. We avoid giving waterfall flaming shots as that is given from two feet high up and could burn the person having it. Otherwise, use a big straw while you have the shot and wait for the fire to burn down.”

Bartender Shankar Rao says this about the flaming shots at Hard Rock Cafe, Saket: “The B-52 is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. It's a three-layered cocktail shooter composed of a coffee liqueur (k), Irish cream (Baileys), and an orange cognac (Grand Marnier). It’s definitely one of  my favourites. It is best to leave the flaming B-52 on the bar top and drink it through a straw. Once lit, the drink should be finished quickly to avoid overheating the glass and burning the straw.”

Bartender Sevandra Sharma at Hightz, Mansingh Hotel, says, “The Flaming Folk is a daring mix of kahlua, sambuca, keshar kastoori, gallaino, blue curacao and Bailey's and is one of my favourites, offered exclusively at Hightz. First up, it’s never a good idea to set fire to a drink when you’re already drunk.  Secondly, bear in mind that alcohol flames will burn with a bluer tint than normal flames, and as such could be harder to see. If that’s the case, always turn the lights out rather than peering over your drink and singing your eyebrows. Stay safe but have fun.”