Turning the lights off for an hour on 23rd March for the Earth Hour? Neha Malude has some fun suggestions.

 You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who loves power cuts. Even so, some of us will turn out the lights on 23rd March in support of Earth Hour. For all of you who are reading this and dreading an hour away from all your gadgets and gizmos, we’ve thought of a few ways to make this fun. Read on and find out how you can do your bit for the planet without trying too hard.

Trek specs

 walkbeachFollow the crescent moon into what can be a beautiful night for a nocturnal trek. Get a few friends together, flashlights, water bottles, route map and a small food hamper and off you go. If a trek sounds too strenuous, opt for a quiet stroll instead by the beach. If the night is clear, you try a bit of stargazing. See how many constellations you can find, sit around and talk and possibly make a contest out of it. When was the last time you did any of these?

Be naughty

 No, it’s not what you think. We don’t need you tell you this but the dark is the perfect time to don that mask, scare someone and see them jump out of their skin. Of course it comes at the risk of getting punched in the face but it’s worth the fun. Got a gripe with someone who blew your lid off recently? Take revenge! The Earth Hour will give you the perfect cover for that practical joke.

Get on board

 As kids the only thing we liked more than playing outside was, well, playing Board_gamesinside. Light up a few candles, get some friends together and bring out your favourite board games. If you’re feeling adventurous try Twister by candle light.

If you can get enough people enthused by the idea, you can even throw a board-game party. Finger food, punch and lights out for an hour – you probably wont even know when the hour is up. Word of caution: watch for cheaters, who will take every opportunity to get ahead in the game.

Story telling

Our personal favourite! Few things trump the fun of listening to creepy ghost stories. Having everyone sit around a candle and recounting the most hair-raising experience they’ve ever had can be lots of fun.

Candle-lit dinner

Candle Light DinnerMake it more romantic by finding a little balcony or your terrace. Make a play list on your phone for soft music and make sure you stick the drinks in a large ice bucket. We’ve seen enough movies to believe that this ranks number one on our list of most romantic things to do in the dark.


See? Being in the dark isn’t always boring. Try one of these ideas this year during Earth Hour or tell us if you’ve got anything special planned. The only thing that’s better than doing good for the Earth is that you have fun while you do it.