Tanya Gupta puts together a list of places one can go to during this Navratri for some innovative fasting food.

Eating out during Navratri is either impossible or very limiting due to the number of ingredients, which one is not allowed to eat during fasting. No wheat, no rice, no onions, garlic or even common salt! Over the past few years however, restaurants come up with special menus offering innovative fasting food options.Ingredients like Buckwheat flour or kuttu ka atta,which are not very commonly used, otherwise are employed to prepare pizza bases for Navratri menus. If you are too tired to cook a meal for yourself after a long day of work or just need a break from the few regular Navratri fare, here are a few ideas.

European Navratri Platter @ Zura, Sector 29
European Navratri Platter @zuraZura’s European Navratri Platter consists of dishes like Potato rösti –a predominantly Swiss preparation of coarsely grated potato,seasoned with rock salt and pepper and fried. Served here with a spinach stew, it is a delicious combination. Traditional hummus is made with Chickpeas and garlic, both of which aren’t allowed for consumption during fasting, Zura’s Oven roasted pumpkin hummus served with crispy buckwheat crackers is one of their unique offerings as part of the platter. Cottage cheese steak with tomato coulis has grilled soft slabs of cottage cheese with a light tomato sauce. A good break from the boring and repetitive fasting food we eat at home, Zura’s European Navratri platter priced at Rs 599 all-inclusive is the most economical innovative option for all of those who are fasting.

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Festive Eating @ Amsterdam Kitchen & Bar, Saket
Whether you are fasting or just looking to try something new, the buckwheat nachos served with tomato salsa and sprinkled with paprika (Rs 450)at Amsterdam Kitchen & Bar are delightfully grainy and is our top pick for starters here. The Cottage cheese steak with tomato, mint and coriander sauce and seasonable vegetables  (Rs 550) is a filling portion of grilled paneer that is great for someone with a big appetite. If you like to pick and nibble at your food instead, try their platter with smaller portions of Cottage cheese steak, Buckwheat nachos with salsa, Potato wedges and buckwheat florets - a twist on Bruschetta (Rs 750).

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Traditional Fast(ing) Thali @ Café Delhi Heights, DLF City Phase IV
navratra thali @ Cafe Delhi Heights
If you crave a more traditional menu, head to any of the three branches of Café Delhi Heights. A laid back café that’s popular for their burgers and shakes;this restaurant will serve a specially designed Navratri thali until the 7th of April. Staples like sabudanakhichadi, cubes of paneer cooked in tomato gravy, Potatoes stuffed with sweet potato and low fat cheese along with Kuttuki roti, Raita accompanied by fresh juiceand finished with Lauki milk pudding – a sweet bottle gourd preparation for dessert. Priced at Rs 375 plus taxes, Café Delhi Heights invites you to sit back and enjoy your meal here, even if you are fasting.

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