With holidays around the corner, Anjum Chevalwala lists some fun stuff to do in the city to get you into the holiday spirit.

The winter air has set in and it makes us want to hide under our covers stay there until New Years’. Even so, we suggest you ditch the comfort of your home, put on your warm clothes and step out. When there’s so much to do, why stay in?

 Standup Comedy @ Cocoparra

What do you do when you have a self proclaimed ‘87 millionth most intelligent comedian in the world’ performing in your city? You take time off and attend the event. Kunal Rao, a regular at The Comedy Store in Mumbai, promises to have you in splits all through the evening. This is definitely one great stress buster!

Vasuda Sharma Live @ Swig

Vasuda Sharma, aka the One Woman Army plays various musical instruments, sings and can beat box, all at the same time! This versatile and talented singer- songwriter, featured by the NH7 Weekender, is going to perform live at Swig. If you are a fan of music, this one gig is a definite ‘must watch.’

Southern Coastal Festival @ Kangan

Looking for something to brighten your week? Take culinary dip into the sea and enjoy the treats that come your way. Join the Seafood Festival at Kangan as they prepare a variety of crabs, prawns and fish dishes with the special Indian flavours.

Wine Tasting Festival

If you have no plans for the weekend, don’t worry. A weekend full of dancing, live bands, food, a variety of cheese and the finest wines awaits you. You can also go ‘grape stomping’ and ramble about why and how much you love wine at the Wine Appreciation Talks. Experience all this and much more at the 6th edition of the Wine Tasting Festival in Pune.

Deep Blue Dive

For us, scuba diving means going to some far away exotic place and diving to the depths of beautiful coral reefs. But till that dream comes true, let’s make the best of what we have. Solaris Club has organized scuba diving certification courses in Pune itself. So put on your gear and get diving. Maybe you’ll end up in those beautiful reefs some day. Till then, happy dreaming and happy diving!

With so much to do and so little time, our planners are packed with fun things to do with cousins from out of town or friends on holiday. Here’s to an exciting start to the end of the year. Cheers!