Looking for a food festival or a Sunday Brunch or just a cup of coffee? Rajat Bigghe lists all the latest foodie bites in the city.

 Themed Brunch @ Okra

Drive in to Okra at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel this weekend for the perfect Sunday afternoon with live music, a massive selection of beverages, great food options and fun activities for kids. On offer is a variety of cheese and cold cuts, an array of Chinese specialties, authentic biryani, sizzling roasts, grills and an assortment of Sushi.

The poolside bazaar just below the restaurant will  allow you to go for retail therapy with a traditional bangle maker, an authentic Hyderabadi lamp stall, a sugarcane vendor, a gola stall, a mehendi and tattoo counter and plenty more. An exclusive ‘Kids Only’ area features a gaming zone and a special kids’ buffet that is sure to keep the little ones engaged giving you the chance to peacefully enjoy your meal. If you are wondering “what’s the damage?”, it’s just Rs 1,400 (all inclusive minus the alcohol of course) and Rs 1,800 (all inclusive including the alcohol).

Kashmiri Wazwan Nights @ The Square

The Square at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre is hosting a Kashmiri Food Festival till the December 2. Gushtaba (velvety textured meatballs in white yogurt gravy), Marcha Wangan (an extremely spicy lamb preparation), Korma Ristae (meatballs in fiery red gravy), Nadeir Palak (a preparation of lotus stem with spinach), Dum Oluv (potatoes cooked in yogurt gravy) and much more are waiting to be devoured. For Rs 1250 (plus taxes) enjoy a deliciously authentic Kashmiri feast for dinner.

Single Estate Coffees @ Tea Lounge

Don’t go by the name. They may be called the Tea Lounge, but they’ve laid out a wonderful spread of coffees as well. For those ardent coffee-worshippers, Taj Krishna brings the single estate coffees at the Tea Lounge. The chic diner with comfortable seating and soft lights is the place to be on a breezy evening to try the Jamaican Blue Mountain (mild and aromatic coffee with hints of chocolate from the blue mountain district of Jamaica), Columbian Medellin Supremo (famous for its rich, elegant and well balanced chocolate mouth feel with a spicy aroma) or Aged Indian Monsoon Malabar (one recommended by our Editor who is quite the coffee lover).

Value for Money meals @ Clove Dine O’Bar

Indulge in the ‘Value for Money’ at Clove Dine O’Bar at Platinum Hotel. You can feast on breakfast and lunch buffets throughout the week. Their lunch buffet makes us want to sneak out of office with Coriander Chicken, Kadai Ghost, Chicken Biryani, Paneer Lababdar, Sabnami Sabji, Gulkand ke Gulab Jamun and Kalakand calling out to us. The restaurant will also be launching ala carte menu soon.

Breakfast – 7.30 to 10.30am; Rs 125 (all inclusive)

Lunch – 12.30 to 3.30 pm; Rs 299 (all inclusive)

Italian Brunch @ Via Milano

Enjoy a lavish Italian brunch at Via Milano this weekend. Antipasti, cold cuts, cheese salads, yummy main course and desserts are what should keep you busy this Sunday afternoon. Sip on your favourite drink (yes, with alcohol) or one their concoctions as the live music keeps your entertained. They also have live counters for barbecue, grills and pasta. The buffet is on between 12 pm and 4 pm every Sunday and is modestly priced at Rs 850 (without alcohol) and Rs 1,100 (with alcohol).

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