The Upper East Siders of Manhattan are back from their break and they are as fashionable as ever.  Anjum Chevalwala tells you how to start the new season with your favourite characters with these wardrobes ‘must haves’.

Cars, boys, designer wear and plenty of drama contained with devious plot twists. Love them or hate them, you cannot ignore them. From their charming characters quirks to their sequenced outfits, it’s hard not to want to recreate Gossip Girl looks yourself. So, if you’ve ever caught yourself wishing for Blair’s ability to wear plum tones, Serena’s toned legs or even Chuck ability to wear a bow tie, read on.

Watch your head

BlairIf there’s one thing we’ve learnt from Blair (besides the hundred different ways of breaking poor Chuck’s heart), it is how to wear your hair just right. A little multi-coloured satin ribbon, funky beads or just a plain lace bow hair band can go a long way to add style and personality to your locks.  You can let your hair loose or experiment with a sleek bun or a ponytail making perfect hair the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Blair-tightsBarely there

As hot as it might be show off those long toned legs, sometimes covering them up with bright coloured tights or leggings might be just what you need. Team them with a short tunic or skirt or even straight fitted dress and strut around without a care in the world. Remember to pick solid colours, like Blair’s favourite combination - red tights with a black or navy blue dress - or keep prints minimalistic.



Boot upSerena-Boots

The Van Der Woodsen diva has her own charm. Make a fashion statement like hers with a pair of grey suede booties or black over the knee leather boots. Opt for small heels or go for the entirely flat ones, but make sure you are comfortable in whatever you pick. Whether it’s girl’s day out shopping or a night out partying, these uber cool babies won’t let you down. Blonde hair and hippie chic aside, team either of these with a mini skirt or jeggings and let your legs do all the walking.

G-BagG for Glamorous

Whether she’s working her grand schemes to trick Blair or just being her evil self, Georgina Sparks sure knows how to leave an impression. We loved her geometric shaped black sling bag. It’s cute, compact and will look good with almost anything you wear. If you chance upon a similar bag, we suggest you don’t think twice before you grab it without question.


Dreams of bow ties and scarves

Chuck-Bass-FashionHere’s a little something for the boys too. Ditch the solid colour ties and instead opt for bow ties. Make sure they don’t make you look like an awkward teenager, because then that just beats the purpose. With the increasing temperatures in majority of the states in our country, scarves might not be such a great idea but they sure look cool. Try the simple large chequered print or single tone scarves with dark jackets. The key to cracking this ensemble is to know what colours work for your skin tone and personality. Strutting your stuff was never easier.

dan-humphrey-messenger-bagOh Danny boy

The Lonely Boy from Brooklyn might not be into suites and ties (and thank God he’s not into hair bands), but his crew cut hair and down to earth style never fails to impress us. Since the heat and humidity makes jackets impossible during most of the year, his signature messenger bags make it to our list of must have accessories. You can go casual with canvas bags or make a first good impression at with leather messenger bags. Black, grey, brown or beige – take your pick.


Unlike Chuck, pretty rich boy Nate Archibald’s style is not flamboyant. He sticks to simple polo’s, round neck t-shirts or sweaters, sweat shirts and shirts but wears them with flair.  His look is always a little ruffled or undone. Blazer but no tie, formal shirt but un-tucked, long sleeves usually pushed up till the elbow, it’s a style that isn’t too difficult to replicate. Just remember you always need to wear two layers of clothes; a checked shirt over a round neck t-shirt or a long sleeved sweater over a solid coloured shirt. Don’t forget to team them up with Nate’s favourites beige chinos. The aim is to look suave not shabby.

We hoped you liked this little peek into the fashion lives of the crème de la crème of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. For the latest gossip about their personal lives, tune in to Zee Cafe, every Monday to Friday at 10pm, starting 13th March. XOXO.