Most of us follow the mantra of working hard and partying harder, but sometimes we can all use a little help. Priyanka Ganwani talks to the professionals and finds out how to throw the best party’s in town.

Hosting a party and doing everything from scratch can, not only be a daunting task, but can be the leading cause of nightmares for many.When you are holding a party, it’s only your baby. You certainly can’t afford to mess with it or get it wrong. The margin for error is slim and having a blast is mandatory. We’ve got the experts talking about what to do and what not to do to get it right every time.

Event Organising

vinitaVanita Rodrigues, Joyride Party Organizers
Five years ago, Vanita realised there weren’t too many party organisers and usually parents didn’t have the time to arrange large birthday parties for their kids. Having worked in the co-orporate sector for over 15 years, she stepped into the events industry and launched Joyride with her dad’s 75th birthday party and has since then has proudly set up over 400 parties until date.

As a host, she says, “Go the extra mile and hire bartenders for fire gigs with live shows at the bar counter.” The activities you choose reflect your persona. It makes all the difference.Brendan2a

“Sometimes you have a birthday with a festival around the corner, mix the two up and go all out completely.The result can be pretty cool,” she adds. The easiest way to pull of a party is by getting some professional help or having someone to arrange things for you so that you don’t miss catching up with your long, lost friends. “If that’s not quite your style, pick a popular movie and ask guests to dress up like the characters,” she says “with prizes for the most convincing characters of the evening.”

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Mhelly Bhumgara, Amazers Party Organizers

Nicknamed Magician Mhelly, hestarted Amazers12 years ago to entertain amuse and amaze people.He’s a professional compere and a games host. His company arranges theme birthday parties, corporate parties, annual day functions, picnics and family functions, which leads to a packed schedule during most parts of the year.

Mhelly says, “As a host, you better be ready well before the party. If you aren’t ready to welcome your guests and are caught up in tense last minute overseeing of the arrangements, you risk letting them walk in without a personal welcome.”He adds that you rather extend a warm hospitality to all your guests equally and not get stuck with or focus your attention on a few of them.
Scary party - Halloween

Every party is different and the theme may depend on the budget, how crazy the idea is, age and number of guests, space available and so on. One of the most unusual ones he handled was with a horror theme for a teen birthday party. People turned up in gory and zombie like make-up and dance performances were set up along with a horror magic show, which was a complete hit.

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confiarZuheina Mulla partner at Confiar Event Solutions
Zuheina Mulla (22) and John Solomon (23) are doing what few youth are able to do – follow a dream. Something struck Zuheina while she was studying and she pitched the idea of an events company to four friends. With a quirky name that means ‘trust’ in Spanish, John Solomon joined her in this venture and the two already have a few fun events under their belts. Not bad for a company that is not even a year old.

Zuheina says, “If you are hosting a party or a particular event, make sure you divide responsibilities appropriately within your team or friends and keep updating each other from time to time. Communication is very important.” For a house party, it is always advisable to outsource major aspects like catering and decorations to avoid any sort of mess. We are usually in such a hurry and conveniently just send forwards as invites but she says, “The most important one is to send invitations in the right manner, do not expect guests to come without proper invitations.”

Theme party - Disco“Decorations are not always the major aspect at a party and neither are your clothes, it’s the food that most people tend to notice,” she says. Good food should always make it to the top of your priorities. Finger foods like tandoori items and tikkas on live counters work well for the rest of the party. Keep churning these out through the party and your guests will stay happy.

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All this expert advice can only get you so far. Take on the challenge head on and ensure that you’ve ticked everything off your checklist before you get started. We say, get help from the experts or put on your best hosting hat and step into the role, like you’ve done it a million times. In either case, party on!