When it comes to enjoying sushi, vegetarians need not left behind. Chef Shreeya Mitra of Sushi and Moreteaches Anjum Chevalwala how to wow her guests with some fun vegetarian sushi.


Japanese ingredients

Pre cooked rice                                            – 3 packets

Nori (seaweed) sheets                                – 1 packet

Sushi su vinegar                                          – 3 tsp

Wasabi (horseradish paste)                      – 1 tube

Pickled ginger (gari)                                   – 1 packet

Kikkoman All Purpose Soy Sauce          – as per requirement

Tofu pockets (inari)                                      – 4 pcs

*Pickled plum powder (yukari)                – ½ tsp

*Shredded pickled ginger                           – as per requirement

* Pickled radish (takuwan)                         – as per requirement

Sushi mat (makisu)                                     – 1

(Ingredients marked ‘*’ are optional)

Local ingredients

Philadelphia cream cheese                        – 1 tbsp

Roasted white sesame seeds                     – 2 tbsp

Bell peppers- red and yellow                    – 1 of each

Desi cucumber                                                – 1

Asparagus                                                         – 1 spear


For rice

  1. Peel back a small portion of the cover of the pre-cooked rice pack. Add a teaspoon of water to it and heat it in the microwave for five minutes.

  2. Put all the rice into a large mixing bowl and add three tsp of sushi vinegar to it.

  3. Peel and blanch a spear of asparagus.

  4. Mix it carefully using a wooden spatula.

  5. Make sure the rice is steaming hot while doing so.

  6. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap and keep it aside.

For sushi rolls

  1. Cut de-seeded bell peppers into half centimetre thick strips sliced along the length.

  2. Cut de-seeded desi cucumber into thick strips sliced along the length, with skin.

  3. Take the sushi mat and cover it with cling wrap to make sure the rice stick on it.

  4. By doing this, you can re-use the mat easily.

  5. Carefully cut the nori sheet into half along the horizontal markings.

  6. Place it on the sushi mat with the rough surface facing you.


Hosomaki zushi

Uramaki zushi

Inari zushi