Or so says our writer, Charis Bhagianathan and most Delhites. Wondering what’s so great about this particular outlet? Read on!

You would think that living in New Friends Colony, my obvious choice would be the Kailash Colony Big Chill. It’s not. Every time I crave luscious, creamy pastas, fresh ice cream, and dreamy desserts (which is more often than I’d like to admit) I make the trip to Khan market. There is a certain mellow nostalgia about the Khan Big Chill. I visited the restaurant during my first week in Delhi which was recommended by seniors, hostel mates and Dilli walas/walis who swore by the food.

The physical journey to this food haven hardly reveals what’s in store for you. For a first timer, the narrow lane and the narrower entrance may not look promising. That is until you reach the top of the stairs and the burst of wonderful sweet and savoury smells lull you into foodie submission. These however, aren’t the reasons why I find myself returning to this Khan Market legend at least once every month. The real reasons for my undying loyalty are:

1. Sitting in the open terrace area on the top floor while feeling the warm sunshine on my face, makes eating the 3rd slice of blueberry cheesecake okay.

2. I enjoy watching the typical Khan market types (by this I mean perfectly dressed and groomed, with customary Gucci sunglasses on their foreheads) at the next table, gushing over the anti-pasta platter they're snarfing down.

3. The mandatory 20-minute wait for a table is justified when I can take a short stroll down the lane to buy a kurti and some organic tea at FabIndia in the mean time.

4. The portions seem larger. If you don't believe me, order the grilled chicken salad, the blue cheese penne with chicken, the tuna melt, and just one diet coke (we must remember not to overdo it, no?).

5. Their posters are larger and closer to the table. I have successfully attempted to kiss the life-size face of Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean poster.

6. The sink in the loo is awesome. It’s blue and white, with little fish painted on it. (A restaurant’s washroom becomes extremely important when you end up spending hours out there.)

7. When I’m waiting in line for the loo (it’s usually a long-ish wait), I can decide what I want for my second dessert. Put me in front of gorgeous oreo cheesecakes, Mississippi mud pies and chocolate mousse, and I’ll stand in a line for as long as you want.

8. The original outlet is always THE place to go. All other outlets take their cue from that one.

9. Sometimes it’s good to savour good food minus the alcohol. You may feel you’re missing out on an icy rum and coke, but you’re also missing out on drunk uncles asking why their pasta is so “pheeka”.

10. The walk of shame after consuming all items in point 4 (see above) is far more exciting in Khan Market. The chances of bumping into a cricketer, an actor, a politician or some random Page 3 celeb are rather high. The odds are always in your favour in Khan.