A few cocktails can be a heady alternative to the usual dinner and drinks after a hot day. Revati Upadhya makes a few suggestions.

Whether you’re kicking back on holiday or chilling out at the end of a long day of work, there’s really nothing better to complete the picture than to have a refreshing cocktail in your hand. Here are our picks for where you can unwind with a classic or a quirky cocktail.

Zeebop by the Bay, Utorda31There’s probably no better place in the South, to enjoy a stiff cocktail as you watch the sun setting on a more or less empty beach. Usually scantly populated, Zeebop is a good place to head if you want to enjoy the beach in peace. Nothing fancy here but straight mixes and heady drinks. Pick a tried and tasted Singapore Sling (Rs 200) or a Mojito (Rs 200) here and you wont be disappointed.

Baba’sWood Café, Panjim
This chic wine cellar/pizza bistro in Fontain has has us going back time and again for the Bimbli Cocktail (Rs 220) prepared with a zesty mix of Sprite or Tonic with a Bimbli (cashew apple) picked straight off the tree that grows in the restaurant yard, muddled with mint, loaded with ice and spiked with a shot of vodka. It is probably more refreshing, than it is intoxicating – the best of both, as far as we’re concerned!

Wok n Roll, Sinquerim
While the main reason to re-visit Wok n Roll is the delightful menu of Asian food, we’d be lying if we told you that it was the only thing that beckoned us for more. A peek at the drinks menu reveals an intriguing list of cocktails with names that dare you to try them. Fork the Fockers, Fussy Navel, Worried Monk (priced between Rs 300 – Rs 500) – to name just a few. Seriously spoilt for choice, and unable to decide which one is the best we’re going to ask you to try them out for yourselves, with the promise that if you love mixed drinks, you’re likely never to be disappointed at Wok n Roll.

SinQ Tavern, Candolim
What is Sunday brunch without a dry, fruity sangria to go with it? If you find yourself at SinQ on a Sunday, you should of course try out their brunch offerings. But, what you shouldn’t miss is pairing it with a glass of Sangria (Rs 500), which in Kiwi-SinQour opinion is close to prefect – a dry red wine, adequately hydrated with a dash of fruit juice and apple bits. Refreshing, with just the right amount of bite in every sip. If you want something a little more adventurous, try the Martini with a hit of Guava - Guavatini (Rs 500). If you don’t quite like guavas, try the Kiwiliscious (Rs 500) - a punch of creamy kiwis with tequila and vodka instead.

Cocktails are our way of having a lot of different alcohol in one sitting. Mixed, shaken, stirred – we all have our favourites, and we’d love to hear about yours. Leave us a comment, tweet to us @burrp_goa or write in with a review of a cocktail that blew your mind.