It’s done. The verdict is out. The top fifty restaurants in Asia have been voted for and the triumphant winners announced. Anjum Chevalwala congratulates the Indian restaurants that made it onto the ‘Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2013’ list.

It’s not like anyone needs an excuse to eat good food, but the occasion of seven Indian restaurants making it to the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list definitely calls for a celebration. These are places you have probably been to and now the world knows them too courtesy The World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy. But what is that one thing that makes them worth it? Check out what our burrper’s have to say.

17Dum Pukht - New Delhi

Specialising in North Indian and Awadhi cuisine, Chef Gulaam Qureshi practices the art of slowly cooking the meat and vegetables in sealed earthen pots. This style of cooking ensures the rich taste of the food and a heavenly aroma. Extremely popular for its kakori kebabs, Dum Pukht is a truly royal experience.

Burrper’s say –

Neha Pranay, “They make you feel so special and just like royalty. Food, Service, Ambience - everything was just simply WOW!”

Musicboy909, “The Kakori kebabs challenged the ones you get in Lucknow and the Dum Biryani was pure heaven. The daal was even better than Bukhara, which is saying something as it is considered the best in India.”


20Wasabi By Morimoto – Mumbai

This popular Japanese restaurant in South Mumbai was ranked 20th. Already popular in South Mumbai, this fine dining restaurant gives its customers a beautiful waterfront view. Chef Masaki Kobayashi takes special care to include a range of vegetarian dishes (Yose dofu, Creamy tofu served with grated wasabi and Kabocha roulette – a soy glazed burdock root with chilli spiced ponzu sauce) to cater to vegetarian clientele.

Burrper’s say –

Babson, “Wasabi is at the pinnacle of freshness (of the ingredients used) and everything is prepared to perfection. I visit pretty often and am always highly satisfied.”

Karan Vaswani, “Easily the best Japanese restaurant in Bombay; one of maybe a half dozen fine dining restaurants in the city that are on par with the very best fine dining restaurants in New York or Paris.”


26Bukhara - New Delhi

A moment of pride for all tandoor meat lovers; Bukhara from New Delhi gets on the list at number 26. The star dishes of Chef JP Singh’s kitchen include the Sikandari Raan (a whole leg of lamb marinated for a day in malt vinegar, cinnamon, black cumin and then roasted in a tandoor) and the iconic Dal Bukhara.

Burrper’s say –

Sheetal Bahl, “If you haven’t eaten here, go very, very soon. And if you have, go very, very soon. Enjoy!”

Anchal84, “If you are a real foodie and want to enjoy authentic mughlai cuisine then this is the place to be in. Though a little costly for most of the pockets but every penny is well spent here. Whether be their Dal Bukhara or their Raan, everything is going to taste out of the world.”


28Indigo – Mumbai

Following close on the heels of Bukhara is Indigo. The beauty of the Mediterranean dishes from Chef Rahul Akerkar’s kitchen lies in the fact that all the ingredients used are sourced locally. One hundred per cent Indian, yet so exquisite when compared to the usual food we eat. The elegant decor, the celebrity patrons and the live band performances also help the place score some cool quotient points.

Burrper’s say –

Sean Dsilva, “A memorable fine dining experience. personalised menu and friendly waiters.”



30Varq - New Delhi

Indian street food has never been classier. Varq from New Delhi prides itself in its ability to add glamour to the street food of India and deviating from traditional recipes and creating regional dishes with an International twist. Chef Manoj Goel and his team’s efforts at innovation of food secured the number 30 spot on this list quite easily.

Burrper’s say –

Amit Vaish, “It was one of the best experience. The vegetable never tasted so authentic. The service was the best you can imagine and the decor was excellent... we ordered a couple of dishes and chef sent a couple of complimentary as well .The food presentation was SOOOOO appealing and we were not able to decide as to which dish was the best. I would highly recommend to every Indian food lover.”



41Indian Accent – New Delhi

One of the country’s most popular food names - Chef Manish Mehrotra’s Indian Accent makes it to the list of top 50 at number 41. This luxury-dining restaurant serves a wide variety of Mediterranean and Indian dishes that are usually a blend of the two styles of cooking.

Burrper’s say –

Caroline Rowe, “Gorgeous location, creative, playful and downright delicious food, attentive service. The only thing I would call for is a wider selection of wines by the glass. Homely, yet glamorous. 9.5 out of 10...”


44Karavalli - Bangalore

Here’s your excuse to try something new. Chef Naren Thimmaiah has a menu full of southern star dishes they you simply shouldn’t miss. Try traditional preparations of the Mangaloreans and the Syrian Christians or simply skip all the fuss and feast on the popular Pothi Choru. It has rice glistening with ghee and Moplah-style chicken curry cooked and steamed in a banana leaf. Yum!

Burrper’s say –

Ragpicker1, “I cannot fault in any way the attention and extremely discreet service provided by the well trained staff... We ordered plenty of this (food) and it all tasted wonderful. Serving time between dishes was very little and each dish was done to perfection.”


Once again, congratulations to all the restaurants that made it onto the list and a big shout out to all the chef’s for all their innovative food craft and excellence.