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Inside Powai's First Food Festival

Tanvi Juwale October 28, 2017






Powai hosts it's first ever food festival this weekend and we went to check it out. Located in Norita Gardens, manoeuvering our way here through traffic was quite a task.

The Full Plate - No-cook Weekend, Powai

We got here in time, just before the sun was down and the crowds started to pour in. The participants (i.e. food stalls) were a mix of supermarkets, restaurants and home chefs.

The Belgian Waffle Co

There were quite a few stalls here including Kaavo, Burgery, The Stick House, Raw Pressery, The Punjab Chulah and The Belgian Waffle Co. to name a few.

Saucery Spreads

Apart from the food, the decor was done up like a spring break music festival with some comfortable seats scattered around space and a couple of tables that couldn't stand straight on the grassy lawns. Nevertheless, We were delighted to see Saucery, they do manage to get their dips right.

Dimmer Devil and Raw Pressery juices

We had to wait for an hour because half of the counters didn't have an apt electric connection hence we strolled to Bagchi's which served some archetype Bengali food. We tried their Dimmer Devil which is Bengali counterpart of Scotch Eggs served with pungent mustard. The eggs were great but the mince that covers it wasn't very well made.
Within two hours the electricity was restored and we headed to a counter that served what we know as 'Potato Twister'. We have to admit that we were let down by this. It wasn't fried as much as it should, the potato tasted raw and the garnish which was supposed to be lime and chilly had an uncanny sweetness.

Jampacked spreads

Not very far from the potatoes is a stall called Jam Packed and this was gold! We learned that they make small batches of preserves and spreads. What's so different about them, you ask? Their range of spreads had some delicious ones such as Salted Caramel with Old Monk (which we absolutely loved!), XO with dried prawns which were a mouthful of flavourful spice. At this point, we purchased a copious amount of their delicious spreads and carried it home.

Nostalgia invoking cotton candy

As the crowds started to pour (we'd rather say trickled in) and the music got louder, we sat and gorged away a huge cotton candy invoking nostalgia.
We think the festival could've been better executed (we blame the lack of electricity, ill-managed (or lack of) space, unsanitary washrooms, etc) especially with the choice of booths and perhaps including an activity or two.

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