Hot and zesty, the newly-introduced KFC Fiery Grilled Chicken stays true to its name. Read what Sneha Kakodkar has to say about it. 

I noticed a new entrant in KFC’s menu when I visited its Oberoi Mall outlet after a long time. ‘Fiery Grilled Chicken’ sounded promising and looked it too. Its photograph looked delicious and tempting suggested that it will be high on spice. So we gave it a try.

You can buy a box with four pieces, six pieces, eight pieces or 12. It was lunch hour so we opted for the eight-piece bucket (Rs 459 + taxes) and two medium Pepsis. It took them nearly 20 minutes to get our order.

The first glimpse of it was promising – it smelt delicious and looked totally appetising. The portions were generous with four leg pieces and four wings. The minute we dug our teeth into it, we realised that these guys weren’t kidding when they put ‘Fiery’ in the name. Word of caution: Order it only if you like your food very spicy.

The chicken was perfectly grilled and hot. The spices used in marinating had blended properly and coated the chicken well and we finished the first piece in no time. It’s only while we were nibbling on the second one that we found the flaws.

Though the marination was well done, it had not seeped through the meat. The outer coating was good, flavourful, crispy and hot. But the meat inside was tasteless. We couldn’t finish the rest simply because it felt like we are eating boiled, salted flesh.

Either way, it’s worth a try. The good part is that they serve really huge portions. KFC Fiery Grilled Chicken is an ideal snack to order in as chakna while enjoying your chilled beer at home with friends.

burrp! says: Worth a try!