La Tagliatella recently opened its doors to us at Ambience Mall. Navni Kumar sits down to a leisurely four-course meal and tells you all about it. 

tagliatella interior

La Tagliatella spans two floors right at the end of Ambience Mall. The ground floor houses the bar and an open seating area where you can watch lazily as shoppers bustle by. If you’re looking for a more private dining experience, head up the stairs to the first floor.

Tiled walls and soft, yet peppy Italian music in the background made for the perfect setting on this afternoon as we leafed through the menu. Everything was in Italian. Before you exclaim, Mama Mia! we noticed that every dish had the English description just below the Italian.

insalatatagliatellaThe prices jumped out at us next. Thankfully, these were balanced out by the more than generous portions. We started with the Insalata Tagliatella (Rs 600) - turkey ham, king prawns, regular prawns, crabsticks, corn, olives, lettuce leaves served on a bed of crunchy vegetables. We chose the fruits of the forest vinaigrette dressing from options that also included Caesar, Balsamic acetto, Honey and pistachio etc. If you like your salad slightly sweet, this deep red fruity concoction infused with tangy vinegar is perfect. We then moved on to the starters.

ProvolettatagliatellaThe Provoletta (Rs 500) – provolone cheese melted over grilled vegetables made its way to the table, still sizzling in its pan. It looked like a personal pan pizza minus the bread and cocooned in the wonderful aroma of fondue. The gooey mozzarella complemented the chopped zucchini and juicy tomatoes to the tee.

We decided to take a little break but munched on some bread. Enter: Pane Della Tagliatella (Rs 225) - a wonderful little basket full of long strips of bread with different toppings. While this looked deceptively like garlic bread sticks, they tasted all too much like pizza sans the sauce. Topped with sundried tomatoes and olives, the skinny drizzle of chili olive oil complemented the other flavours and brought the taste to a bold close.

stuffedpastatagliatellaBy now, we were far from hungry, but still curious. The pasta section of the menu is different from the ones we generally look through in restaurants. If you’re unsure of your pasta shape, there is a picture guide to save the day. A picture of the final plated dish against its name was also a nice little touch as it helps when you can see what will be served up. Of course, it also raises your expectations a bit.

The Tortellone Caprese in Carbonara (Rs 750) was our pick for the main course and round green pasta stuffed with mozzarella, tomato and basil, topped with generous helpings of turkey, bacon and cream was what arrived.

While that line meant that the dish was decadent, it would still make it onto our comfort food list every time.

chickenbreasttagliatellaGiving the usual pasta and pizza a break, we called for the Scaloppine di Pollo (Rs 700) which arrived with four pieces of chicken breast smothered in mushroom sauce with a side of grilled vegetables and and potato wedges topped with a dollop of cheese. The chicken was tender, juicy and the mushroom sauce (strangely reminiscent of steak gravy) complemented it perfectly.

So much Italian food and no wine? Of course not. We sipped on a glass of Frascati by Fratelli (Rs 500) - a crisp light white wine, which complemented the food beautifully. Curious about the flavour, we also tried the Peach and coconut iced tea (Rs 250). Its subtlety was slightly out of place here, but a refreshing thirst quencher all the same.

trebombetagliaWe ended the meal with two desserts- the classic tiramisu (Rs 350) and Tre Bombe(Rs 350). The tiramisu was light, creamy and not too sweet or bitter. The Tre Bombe looked like a mini dome. In contrast with the tiramisu, this mix of dark, milk and white chocolate that looked like a mini choclate burger was lead-like but worth a try at least once.

All in all, if you have the time to sit down and eat a great big Italian meal and forget the world for a couple of hours, La Tagliatella is definitely a great option.

Must try: Pane Della Tagliatella, Provoletta, Tre Bombe

Meal for two: Rs 2000 + taxes (without alcohol)