Speak the language of love through flowers this Valentine’s Day as Shilpa Shah helps you pick the right flowers for your perfect bouquet of love.

There are so many things we love about Valentine’s Day and flowers are a big part of the whole day. Brush up on what these pretty blooms are saying before picking out a bouquet.

Red Rose BouquetRoses – While the most popular bud on Valentine’s Day – the Red Rose - is symbolic of love, passion, romance and beauty, yellow roses mean ‘jealousy’. Be careful with the message you are trying to send, else you might end up single on the most romantic holiday of the year.

Baby Breath Flower

Baby’s Breath – Usually used as fillers in bouquets, these dainty little white flowers found in clusters symbolise happiness and eternal love and also perfect all on their own.

Red and White CarnationsCarnations - A red carnation reflects your deep longing love for your sweetheart. Its white counterpart symbolises undying devotion. It reflects your eternal commitment and loyalty to your loved one. So, whichever one you pick, a bouquet of this ruffled flower is a great alternative to roses this year.

GladiolusGladioli – Available in a variety of colours a bouquet of Gladioli say it was ‘love at first sight’. It is perfect for those want to let their love in on how they were hooked when their sweetheart first crossed their path.

Orchids Orchids - Delicate orchids blossoms are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Perfect for the snarky Indian climate, they symbolise beauty, passion and love and keep for a long while.

Besides looking for the message behind the kind of flowers in your bouquet, you might also want to take these additional tips into consideration.

Don’t just blindly go by what your florist tells you, unless you really trust him. Look at the foliage of the flowers – bright, perky leaves mean fresher blossoms. For a better bargain, forgo your branded florist and try a street vendor or the local wholesale market. Armed with all this information, this Valentines Day, get creative with a little D-I-Y card to make it a really thoughtful choice.