Last month a highly-experienced burrper brigade took to the mean, “you might meet Mr. Food Poison with the next bite” streets of Bangalore to give you an unbiased verdict on newly-opened places. Navya D’Souza introduces you to the burrping heroes who braved much.

Name: Sagar Parmar alias burrper sagar_parmar

Profile: An IT professional, by calling, and an avid foodie by, unquestioned choice, burrper sagar_parmar looks to Einstein to provide life’s punchline- “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Now, we may not be the best evaluators of talent, but it doesn’t take Einstein to convince us that Sagar is in no way lacking in the “passionately curious” department. While not busy at techie-land, Sagar listens to music, plays sport, heads out for a slice of adventure (as duly shown off in the corresponding picture) or does what we love best - eats!

Favourite food: Italian and Ghar Ka Khana

Review: Cafe Amul

Name: Agratha Dinakaran alias burrper lilmissfoodie

Profile: To begin with, you can accuse (and the accusation will stick) lilmissfoodie of the two things that come with being 22 - she’s both  ebullient and garrulous (those are her words not ours, no one can ever accuse us of sounding intelligent and we'd like to keep that image). After that, though, she’ll show you that she’s all the cool things that you dreamt of being at 22! A social media entrepreneur and an unabashed bibliophile, Agratha is mad about all things Harry Potter. So much so, that she’s even got a bit of the magical in her. Potter may have been a wizard at parseltongue but it’s lilmissfoodie who can teach him a thing or two about mastering SDRAWKCAB – that’s B-A-C-K-W-A-R-D-S, backwards. Agratha can speak backwards but if you try to take food away from her, be assured, an Unforgivable Curse will come straight at you!

Favourite Food: Continental food- steaks, ribs, pastas, meatloaf...the works. But Chicken Biriyani is the all-time favourite.

Review: Huckleberry

Name: Deepak Rajanikanth alias burrper drajanikanth

Profile: A true-blue Bangalorean, Deepak also responds to the title- ‘Bakasura’! Employed by the usual suspect, the IT industry, burrper drajanikanth is a cyclist and a bookworm, an explorer and a foodie. Also, he is in possession of that lovely god-given gift called ‘the sweet tooth.’ And, lest, there be any doubt in anyone’s mind about his not-so-secret affair with food - Deepak makes sure that he flaunts the many, many avatars of Lady Food amply on his Facebook Wall and in his Twitpics!

Favourite Food: Mughlai cuisine and Bisi Bele Baath

Review: Nature’s Cuisine

Name: Anish Kumar alias burrper clemenza

Profile: Burrper clemenza doesn’t have time for too many words as demonstrated in the too brief answers he provided us with when we sent him a questionnaire for this profile. And why waste time talking when life’s all about food and games! A gamer for a social gaming company, the only time clemenza gets verbose is while expressing his undying, ever-growing love for biriyani!

Favourite food: Hyderabadi Biriyani is the ultimate but will never ever say no to any biriyani.

Review: Naushad, The Big Chef

Name: Anirudh Balotiaa alias AnirudhBhalotia

Profile: A Product Manager with Tally Solutions, Anirudh takes his role as a burrper very, very seriously! As one of the Top 3 burrpers in Bangalore, Anirudh sees the platform as a way to ‘pay it forward’ almost. Like many of us, Anirudh too hates to spend hard-earned monies on a crappy meal. And therefore makes it a point to provide other burrpers with the best insight into an eating out experience. Sigh! If only all the fake reviewers of the world had the same intentions as him, I can think of at least one person whose job would have been easier... mine! Anyway, with a tip of our imaginary hats we hope we hear many more burrps! from AnirudhBhalotia.

Favourite food: Italian and Indian food must be eaten every week, it simply must! If there is time and appetite to spare after that, then burgers, sandwiches and Chinese are always welcome.

Review: Punjabi by Nature

Name: Teja Navalkar alias burrper desinor7

Profile: With highly talented parents for examples, burrper desinor7 saw herself drift towards the creative. After a stint in advertising, Teja turned her attention towards the World Wide Web and is now a web designer. Her wanderlust may take her from bullock-carts to Boeings and she eagerly embraces both with equal gusto. The traveller lives in harmony with the shutterbug and the foodie, in her. And all three personalities are addicted to house music, zombie/alien/ghoulie flicks and they all hate the skinny dieters of the world!

Favourite food: Maharashtrian

Review: Dark, Dine, Invisible

Name: Debasmita Ghosh alias burrper debasmita

Profile: Foodie from birth, burrper debasmita found her mother ship when she joined burrp! as the head of sales for South India. When not crunching on numbers, burrper debasmita is either talking food or eating it. And in between mouthfuls she also manages lengthy discourses on fashion, the colourful lives of celebrities and the many, many faults of men. All this is merely a day’s work! When the sun sets, she moonlights as a domestic goddess and dreams of a life as an item girl!

Favourite food: Seafood, Mexican

Review: Smoked Out Barbecue