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When an instagram account gives way to a vegan cafe. 

Marissa Bronfman of Bowl Bar

‘Fresh. Pure. Vegan. A stunningly simple philosophy we're transforming into food that's good for you and good for the earth.’ This is the story of Marissa Bronfman, owner of Moximedia, who is all set to launch her food blog and delivery service, Bowl Bar, to promote healthy and vegan food in Mumbai.
Marissa Bronfman worked for The Huffington Post, New York and fell in love with India while touring for a story. She went back, quit her job and was soon on her way to India with her bags and her dog. Originally from Canada, Marissa is a vegetarian and believes in healthy eating which is quite evident from her Instagram posts where she posted pictures of the healthy food she prepared at home. Not happy with the ingredients available locally, she would made frequent trips to Canada to stock-up on super foods.
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Eventually the followers increased and she was thronged with messages asking for the recipes. Little did she know that her move to India coupled with her healthy eating habit would turn her from a journalist to digital media owner and now a soon-to-be restaurateur. Her cafe Bowl Bar will debut later this year in Bandra, Mumbai followed by an outlet in Colaba and one in Delhi early next year.
Bowl bar will operate as a food delivery service and will start taking orders in two weeks. It will serve Almond Milk, Chia Seed Pudding and Bliss Balls – balls made of almond, chia seeds and dates. You can order all this via Instagram comments (https://instagram.com/bowlbar/), Facebook messages (https://www.facebook.com/BowlBarCo) and Tweets to @BowlBar or email at eat@bowlbarco.com. The bowls will be priced between Rs 200  - 600.

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