You are what you eat. This Valentine’s day indulge in some aphrodisiacs and watch your love life reach an all new high. Neha K Kulkarni breaks it down.

Certain foods are known for their almost magical ability of putting the sizzle back in your love life. This Valentine’s Day we draw up a list of these and ask you to draw on your imagination and be adventurous.

Old School Love

Break out the bubbly

sula brutStimulating the libido is always easier with a glass or two of wine or couple of shots of tequila. Be careful though, too much and you might just fall asleep or find yourself draped over a toilet bowl.

If you’re thinking of popping the question, give the ever-exotic combination of Champagne and strawberries a shot. At the very least, nothing says romance like the tall chilled glass of bubbly.

Stick with local brands and try Sula Brut (Rs 850) or splurge a little with a bottle of Moët & Chandon (Rs 5,300) both available Dorabjee’s, Camp.

Sexy spears
roasted-asparagus-1No, we aren’t talking about Britney but the slender and often ignored and rather phallic shaped vegetable – Asparagus. This vegetable is said to have certain properties that boost your sex drive. This is probably why bridegrooms in 19th century France were served three courses of asparagus at their prenuptial dinners.
Banana booster

bananaThe connection between the shape of this fruit and sexuality is quite obvious. Bite into it or watch someone do it and your imagination is bound to go wild. Interestingly there is more to banana than just an enticing shape. Note: Add a banana to your man’s diet and watch his sex drive reach a whole new level. Why? Packed with the super ingredient ‘enzyme bromelain’, the humble banana makes for the perfect aphrodisiac.
caviar-on-toast-with-creme-fraiche by The Seattle TravellerChic Caviar

Known as the food for the rich and famous, studies show that this caviar stimulates the formation of testosterone. While this might be a pricey spend, take the edge off chilled vodka shots with a dab of caviar on Melba toast and get the evening started on just the right kind of high.

Choco loco

melted-chocolate-630x450Whether melted or solid, chocolate is by far the most common aphrodisiac. Chocolate contains a host of feel-good chemicals that induces a sense of excitement and attraction. FACT: Did you know that it was banned from some monasteries centuries ago? Chocolate was called as inflamer of passion; consuming chocolate would encourage the monks to indulge in sexual activity, which was severely disapproved.

The big O

grilled-oysters-by simply recipesWe’re talking about oysters of course. While there is a great deal of debate and scepticism about the potent qualities of these shellfish we’re inclined to believe the great Casanova. While he was known to dine on 50 raw oysters every morning, a spritz of lemon or a dash of tobacco can help make this rather outlandish dish more palatable and impress your date.

Root cause

easter-egg-radish-2While sensual foods can be an expensive affair, they needn’t always be expensive. Before you wrinkle your nose at the humble radish, you might want to step back into history. Egyptian pharaohs consumed this root often as its eye-watering taste was said to stimulate more than one kind of appetite. Wink!

New Age Love

If you’ve tried all the old tricks of love and are up for a something new, try some of these.

Love apples

TomatoesFood experts often refer to tomatoes as the ‘love apple’. Why not? Just watching someone bite into this fiery red coloured fruit with sweet, tangy flesh is quite erotic. High on vitamin C, studies say that tomato also improves muscle control. Self explanatory, we say!

Play it cool

peppermint leaves  ( reason peppermint makes it onto this list is because of its powerful stimulant properties. Who needs any of those musk-laden colognes, perfumes or deodrants when all you need was the crisp scent of this green leaf. Being sexy was never this cool.

Tried and tested

In spite of all the research, different things work as aphrodisiacs for different people. Amruta Gadre, a 27-year-old travel writer said that for her, it isn’t always about food. She says, “If I have to stick to food, I prefer strawberries or figs dipped in melted chocolate. They are like soul food for me that work miracles for my spirit and my body.”

Jay Acharekar, 27, a business development professional says, “Though new age aphrodisiacs are fascinating and different, I wouldn’t be too keen on using them. For me, alcohol is the best mood medicine.”

fresh_strawberry_dipped_in_melted_chocolate_in_bowlKshiteesh Phansalkar, 26, a Chartered Accountant feels that one need not resort to psychedelics, stimulants to release endorphin or a pill of Sildenafil Citrate to keep things interesting. He says, “Simple food like a bar of dark chocolate or a cup of tea spiced with cardamom or ginger coupled with a little research and patience goes a long way.”

Monotony can kill the spark in the best relationship. This Valentine’s Day try something new, and you might just get lucky (pun completely intended).