If the end of the financial year has you up to your ears in numbers and your shoulders knotted with stress, Neha K Kulkarni suggests a few therapies that promise to get you back in the game in a jiffy.

With the madness that ensues at the end of the financial year, you’ve probably not had the time to sit back and relax. We say it’s the perfect time now to indulge in some rejuvenating therapies. Read on to find some of the best the city has to offer.

All Spice
Forget about the usual essential oils and let the spices do the trick this time. Try a blend of herbal compress of Thai herbs and ginger that will invigorate you. This 90-minute massage is a combination of aroma massages and aromatic Thai Herbal compresses that helps to relieve tense and stiff muscles with techniques that are said to improve blood circulation and make your skin glow. Take your sweetheart along and you can both prep and primp for the date night together.

Name: Ginger and Spice Love Fest
Price: Rs 3,500 + taxes
Where: Island spa, Koregaon Park

Dual benefit

arogya-spaIf you are not targeting anything specific and want something that takes care of you overall, how about indulging in an overall beauty treatment? This therapy claims to leave your skin radiant and fresh while giving your body an energy boost.

Two hours of bliss involve the exfoliating powers of papaya along with warm body wrap that will leave your skin baby soft. This is followed by a holistic treatment that is said to alter your dull, stressed skin with the help of skin hydrators and potent anti-oxidants. Dual benefit indeed!

Name: Arogya essence
Duration: 120 minutes
Price: Rs 7,500 + taxes
Where: Arogya spa, Viman Nagar

Energy boost
Its time to wake up and the Four Fountains Spa knows just how to revive your tired muscles gently. A blend of essential oils - spearmint, lemon and French lavender are chosen to help you de-stress over 70 minutes. While lemon and French lavender have a calming effect, Spearmint acts as a stimulant and the combination makes it a potent rejuvenation therapy

Name: Aromatherapy (Energising)
Duration: 70 minutes (Also includes a 10-minute head massage)
Price: 1,598 (including taxes)
Where: Four Fountains Spa, Bhandarkar road

Simply skin-sational

brazil-nut-and-oil_grandePamper the largest organ of your body – your skin, which is subjected to harsh elements throughout the day. This full body massage claims to leave your body lavishly moisturised with ingredients that seem to melt into your skin as they warm you up. The secret? This 60-minute massage has a blend of Brazil nut and Vitamin E oil that is said to regenerate and nourish the skin and leave you feeling like royalty.

Name: Indulge-Quan signature massages
60 minutes
Price: Rs 3,200 + taxes
Quan Spa, Senapati Bapat Road

528441_404506572918356_1797254144_nFinding a balance

This 60-minute dry massage works on the principles of acupuncture and aims to enhance the flow of energy, restores harmony and provides an overall sense of well being. For all of you who fight shy of shedding your layers of clothing, this one needs you to keep your clothes on. Relaxing just became that much easier.

Name:  Japanese Zen massage
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Rs 1,800 + taxes
Where: Cologne Spa, Koregaon Park

So step back, shed your inhibitions and indulge in some rejuvenating therapies that allow you to rediscover your sense of balance and let the world see a whole new you.