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Restaurant Review: Mustard, Sangolda

Alisha Patel July 21, 2015





Su tripti and bon appétit.
Mustard, Sangolda

Mustard, Sangolda

Mustard, a staple ingredient in Bengali and French cuisine is also the name of Goa's newest restaurant serving both cuisines. Mustard is located in a quaint bungalow on the CHOGM Road and comes across as a dainty French café pasted in pastel and aquamarine shades with colourful runners on the tables. Framed prose and verses related to mustard hang on the wall proclaiming owner's love for the ingredient.

L-R- Aam Porar Sherbet and Tentul Joler Sherbet

The Bengali menu lists down original Bengali names of the dishes with a detailed description in English. There's a regular selection of cocktails and mocktails, but we suggest trying the Bengali favourite Tentul Joler Sherbet (Rs 120). This tamarind flavoured drink was punchy, refreshing and takes you on a trip down memory lane of stealing tamarind from school trees. The Aam Porar Sherbet (Rs 120) too is highly recommended. The drink is made with slow roasted raw mangoes and cumin which is evident in its sour, slightly charred flavor.
Prawn Fritters at Mustard

Prawn Fritters at Mustard

While the food options are definitely not limited, the choices leave you a little confused. Should you try Bengali, or should you go French? Try a bit of both. The Shammi Kebabs (Rs 300) which draw from the Muslim influence in Bengali cuisine had a strong taste of freshly ground spices mixed with minced mutton. The kebabs were accompanied with a fresh mint dip. The Prawn Fritters (Rs 350) - whole prawns, served on a corn patty, were slightly bland. Dip them in the accompanying pineapple sauce to add a bit of zing.
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Kosha Mangsho at Mustard

Kosha Mangsho at Mustard

A typical Bengali meal consists of rice or luchis, curry, dal, a vegetable preparation and chutney. That’s exactly how the Kosha Mangsho (Rs 520) was served. The slow cooked mutton was falling off the bone and was full of spices toned down by the yogurt in curry. Dal, red spinach vegetable and sweet mango chutney complimented the dish were  wiped clean within minutes. Off their French section, the Roasted Kingfish (Rs 580) is a good option. The fish - a large fillet of kingfish was coated with peanut crumb and cooked in a tomato based sauce. The fish, though slightly overcooked had good flavor from the tomatoes and the crumb gave it a nice crunch.
Kheer Khomola at Mustard

Kheer Khomola at Mustard

The Kheer Komola (Rs 200) - slow cooked thickened milk served with seasonal fruits - mangoes in this case added freshness to it. The classic French Crème Brulee (Rs 200) was spot on with caramelized sugar cracks giving way to creamy custard with delicate hints of vanilla.
If you have to experience the best of both cuisines, we suggest sticking to one at a time, which gives you reason to visit again. With food so good, we think it’s worth the trip.
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Must Try: Tentul Joler Sherbet, Kosha Mangsho
Meal For Two: Rs 1,800+ taxes (with alcohol)
This meal was sponsored by the restaurant. 
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