If gift hunting is sapping all the fun out of your holiday season, Priyanka Ganwani makes a sport of it and lists five presents that to give away to the naughty and the nice. 

With all the excitement of holiday season gifting building up, it’s time to break out your happy dance moves and dive headlong into bundles of wrapping paper and sticky tape. Here, the task is to be a little selfless; you never know which one of your friends is reading this list.

Ladies first

Flower Power

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and if the real thing is a tad out of budget, try this. Girls love lots of storage and our handbags bear the brunt of this fact most of the time. This time around, store all your holiday tunes and pictures on the go with this 8GB, black rose pen drive that also doubles as a pretty pendant. It’s pretty, tiny and a great multitasking option. Who can resist a two for one deal like this?

Price:  Rs 799

Where: Groupon.co.in




Disco Drama

Add a little dazzle to a room with this very shiny disco ball.  It’s perfect to keep the party spirit going all year through. Does anyone fancy a funky pyjama party at your private club?

Price:  Rs 450

Where: Mad Hatters, Bandra.




Feather Brush

With some of the prettiest colours and patterns from nature, these feather earrings can transform your look instantly. So go on find your inner peacock and strut your stuff. We dare you!

Price: Rs 150

Where: Street stall, Opposite Elco Arcade, Hill Road, Bandra.



An affair with Marilyn

If you’ve always wanted to channel the blond bombshell’s irresistible appeal, try out this funky high necked tee. It is snazzy without too much of a fuss. Your wardrobe will thank you for this pop of colour.

Price: Rs 625

Where: Fuss Pot, Khar





Candid Container

If you already have the latest digital camera, you might want to get yourself this fun new lens. The ideal companion for any click-happy chika, it’s well worth the investment.

Price:  Rs 2100

Where: Wasted Fish, Pali Naka





All His

Network it

With a priority and non-priority set which comes with an organizer, this business card organiser promises to make your life much, much easier. We say why not give it a shot?

Price:  Rs 799

Where: hitplay.in






Shot Up

Drinking games may lead to some to some inadvertent secret spilling and a whole lot of fun stories, the next day. With this shot glass roulette wheel, fun is always at hand.

Price: Rs 1000

Where: Mad Hatters, Bandra




What a dump

Cut the crap as you tap your ash into this quirky metal ashtray. Sold as the aptly titled ‘sandaas’ ashtray, this one is more representative of the city than we’d care to admit and would make a fun gift and a great conversation starter at a New Year party.

Price: Rs 600

Where: Tappu Ki Dukaan, Fort




Chickened Out

Murga bano’ just got a completely new twist. These printed boxers are so quirky and fun, you might just want to wear them to your next party.

Price: Rs 785

Where: Play Clan, Bandra





Shoe Stopper 

Nothing says more about you than the footwear you choose. Get your favourite superhero, movie or something that illustrates an ‘inside joke’ for a truly unique pair. For once, the only thing you might have in common at a party are soles. While they don’t yet have a store, head to their Facebook page and place an order. We’re sure it would make a truly unique gift.

Price:  Tennis shoes - Rs 2700, Vans 3500-3700 (inclusive of the cost of shoes).

Where: Alpha Cube

So head out and pick up one of these cool, crazy gifts and we’re sure you will start the new year on a fun note. If not, it would at least make for a great story.