It’s time for Doolally’s Acoustica featuring Strych-9 and Neha K Kulkarni caught up with Galtin Raberts the guitarist of the band.

Doolally-Acoustica-poster-fb Whats behind the name the band - Strych 9?

We used to jam together occasionally and we realised we had similar tastes in music. That’s when we decided to get together and officially start a band. We came up with the name of the band in quite the same style. It was a ‘random’ choice that just came up. We liked it and decided to stick with it.

What would one expect from today's performance?

We will be playing covers of whole bunch of genres from classical rock to blues. We’re going to try to stay true to an acoustic style and Doolally’s Friday night gigs.

Whats in store for Strych 9 this year?

We hope 2013 will bring us some fun times and good music, but otherwise we’re just going to take things as they come.

Catch Strych 9 perform today Friday, January 18, 8 pm onwards at The 1st Brewhouse, Corinthians Resort and Club, Undri.