The world of fashion, style and glamour can be daunting for the most self-confident diva. Priyanka Ganwani gets the experts to give up some tips to relatively effortless style.

Have you tried heading to a party after attempting to try out a make-up trick you saw on a YouTube video? We have and it didn’t look anything like the end result in the video.Check out what the experts have to give you and you might just walk into that next party and make heads turn.

Virginia Holmes and Natasha Nischol: Fat Mu

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After meeting in 2004 and worked together on various films, Virginia Holmes and Natasha Niscol started Fat Mu in 2006.With the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire to their credit, the pair realised that there was a need for make up education in India. The Fat mu Academy was born in 2010 and continues to churn out polished stylists who know what work best for Indian skin and hair.

Skin care

Look after your skin. Get your skincare routine sorted and the rest falls into place. Never put make-up onto a face that hasn't been prepped. Clean, moisturised skin is your best canvas.

Annoying myths

People, who think make-up is 'bad' fortheir skin, need a reality check. Wearing make-up needn’t equate to looking tarty or vamp like.  When done right, what it does, is protect you from the sun and present you at your best.

What’s in your kit?

Apply a good quality moisturiser morning and night. Drink water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Keep lips hydrated with a good lip balm and conditioner for hairregularly to battle this dry weather.

Make sure you have a powder compact for your handbag, to combat shine on the go. Checkthat your mascaras are still smooth and are not clumpy and dry and always have eyeliner handy.

FatMu recommends:

What- Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation

Available at- Body Shop Stores accross Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore

Price: Rs 1795










Must have

Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour cream is a Fantastic multi-purpose product found in ALL international make-up artists' kits. This one is great for lips, dry skin and sunburns.

FatMu recommends:

What: Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream

Available at:Shopper's Stop outlets across the country.

Price: Rs 800









Avoid these like the plague

It’s a sin to use the lipliner outlined around the lip line, liquid eyeliner on the water line or to choose a foundation too pale for your skin tone.Lip liner around the edge looks old fashioned and isn’t flattering, it jumps out of the face and looks unfinished. Liquid black eyeliner along the water line is too hard and looks rather spooky. Besides, this is areas is probably the most sensitive area on you face and loading it up with heavy make up isn’t advisable. Also, you are not doing any good by blowing on your make-up tools or products – its unhygienic.You might as well lick your brush and then put it on your face. Yikes!

Dawn to dusk

Party in the day – Don’t overload your make-up, keep it light and neutral.  Focus on good skin, groomed browsand slight definition on the eyes in dark browns or black.  A coat of mascara, hint of blush and light gloss on the lips is all you need.

Party at night-Up the ante by adding colour to your eyelids and around the eye.  Highlighters are great to illuminate the skin and a statement lip colour can add a lot of sophistication and glamour. Just remember to focus on one thing and keep it simple.










Fashion blogger and stylist KarishmaRajani: Purple Peeptoes

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She thought of Purple Peeptoes just before an exam in October 2009, to avoid the studying and named it after a brand new pair of shoes she just bought. Karishma is a complete hog for street style and likes to call herself the ‘urban hippie’ who finds solace in a world that revolves around fashion, photography, calligraphy, aesthetics and art.

Her personal style calls for mixing things that don’t conventionally belong to the same canvas like feminine skirts with with brogues. She absolutely loves adding unexpected ethnic elements in the form of big nose rings, mangtikkas, parandis and Bengali bindis. Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s couture is why she wants to get married and she simply can’t do without her ‘granny glasses’.

She lendsus some style tipsthat everybody can use.

Easy do

A chopstick for the hair, quirky glasses and bright lipstick and you can be on your way out the door.

bright lipstick










Working it

Try wearing asaree over a cropped top for a quirky evening wear look, while pencil skirt with a cholias a bustier will definitely stand out in the day.

Biggest no no

Boring footwear. The most gorgeous outfits are often let down by a poor choice in shoes. While this is relative, ask your stylist/bff for a second option if you’re not sure.









Aspiring fashionista

Simply following the herd and teaming a sheer top with skinny jeans is not being fashion savvy. Neither is that little dress with towering heels. Don't ever copy celebrities. Few of them really have a sense of fashion anyway!

Shop stop

Pondicherry! Every street corner has a clotheshorse, displaying export rejects. You'll besurprised at the variety you find there. They co-exist with boutiques like Kalki and AuroBoutique that offer contemporary designwear in silk.

Hair Stylist Suraj Godambe: Bharat & Dorris Salon and Store

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In 2003, Suraj Godambe trained at Juice Hair Salon under Kingsley Gomes. After his apprenticeship at Juice Hair Salon and b:blunt, he headed to Sydney and worked at the Tony & Guy studio. When he got back, he set up his own unisex hair salon- The Bharat and Dorris Salon, Lokhandwala and since then there has been no turning back for him.

Here is what he has to say on easy hair care:

Routine Check

We’re constantly straightening, ironing, curling and blow drying our hair. Before you expose your locks to dangerous levels of heat, apply the much needed heat protection cream.

Bharat and Dorris recommends - 

What- Fudge Hot Head heat protection mousse

Available at: Bharat and Dorris Store and Salon in Mumbai or click here 

Price: Rs 899

Snip it

Women should get a hair cut at least once in six weeks and men once every four weeks. This regulates hair growth and keeps those dreaded split ends away.

Make waves

Girls with straight or wavy hair, apply a coin-sized amount of L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Hairmix Spiral Splendour evenly to towel dried hair and fix into a high ponytail.Twist it clockwise and secure it with a bobby pin. For a more textured look, make smaller ponytails, twist hair in a similar fashion and secure tightly. After a while, check if the hair is dry and release each twisted section slowly twisting sections around your finger to accentuate the curls. The layers will kick in naturally.

What: L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Hairmix Spiral Splendour

Available at: b:blunt salons in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore

Price:Rs 550









Boy talk

Keep it clean and groom it messy. Use a gentle clarifying shampoo at least once a week and hair wax will keep up a messy do for hours.

Bharat and Dorris recommends - 

What- L’oreal’s Web Techni Art

Available at: b:blunt salons in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore

Price: Rs 525

hair web







Sometimes all you need is a little help to improvise and highlight what you’ve already got going for you. Although, nothing quite sets you apart like your polished best and most ‘confident’ smile.