No matter how much you have condemned the sleazy morning adult movies playing in your local cinemas, a tiny part of you wanted to know what is so exciting about it that they are still attended by so many people. Ratieka S. Dhawan lists her top five posters from the first-of-its-kind exhibition of Indian adult movie posters being held in Delhi.

Wieden+Kennedy art gallery is holding a first-of-its-kind exhibition of Indian adult movie posters. Traditional Bollywood posters have intrigued the audience, but these adult movie posters give a hint of sexuality and address the Indian culture’s forbidden fantasies.

These were patronised by people coming from very conservative backgrounds who could not exercise public display of affection. Some of these are semi-porn and others can make you maneuver your thoughts to say ‘wow! this is art too!'

Reshma Ki Jawani: This has been a legend in the Indian adult movies! Everyone knows Reshma, right?! *wink wink*

Her Nights: She looks like she’s in pain rather than having fun. But sometimes, they’re one and same, innit?

Miss Laila: Don’t know how this is supposed to be sexy, but Miss Laila definitely looks scary! But to each his own, we say.

Gair Mard: This takes the award for the perfect porn movie poster - although it’s hard to say whether the guy is intoxicated or simply unconscious!

Junglee Bulbul: We can’t seem to get over the title – it’s absolutely hilarious. Don’t miss the poetic interpretation of it all on the top.

The exhibition is on till September 17, 2011 at Wieden+Kennedy.



Sahil Gulati

I am following your posts regularly on your blog too and adore the fact that your write ups are so realistic that it actually makes me feel like i am experiencing it myslef.. Be it enjoying a delicious meal at Smoke House Deli or the crowd in Delhi Metro or the amazing peanut butter coffee and now this Reshma Ki Jawani… You rock girl… God bless u!!

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