Director: Marcus Dunstan

Cast: Josh Stewart, Christopher McDonald, Lee Tergeson, Johanna Braddy, Navi Rawat

b! Says: *

If 'The Collection' was a rock concert, it wouldn't be a stretch to call it the 'Guts N' Adipose' show. Blood, body fats and all kinds of innards go flying in every frame of this shock-attack, horror flick and if you have the stomach for torture porn (50 Shades of Grey fans, this could be THE next big thing), then 'The Collection' is for you. For us however, it didn't quite work and was more a gore bore than a thrilling experience.

The sequel to 'The Collector' picks up shortly after the final events of the last film. A pall of fear hangs over the city after the shocking murders that took place in the first film, but that doesn't stop footloose and fancy-free teenager Elena (Natalie Portman-lookalike, Emma Fitzpatrick) from sneaking out of her home to attend an underground party. The psychotic serial killer singles out Elena as his next prize and proceeds to reduce everyone at the party to a pulp, except her. As the gore fest is underway, Arkin (Josh Stewart), who was captured in the first movie, manages to escape but is soon compelled to help a rescue squad hired by Elena's father. The team head to the Collector's lair, where all kinds of horrors await them.

If the film wasn't already enough of a hack job, the censors go at it until what you get is a set of jumpy sequences during the most thrilling moments. The performances of most of the cast are hilarious, as are some of the continuity errors. Elena does a decent job at playing hapless victim and Nancy Drew (in one scene, she uses her bra to unhook a box), but Stewart hams his way through (just why he takes his shirt off in one scene is still a mystery, but then, so are similar acts by Salman Khan in his movies). The squad sent in to save Elena is also god-awful, and it's a wonder the killer didn't die laughing at the Mohawk one member sports. As for the gory bits, we could count on one hand the scenes that made us jump. We were too busy laughing at the unintentional hilarity for the rest.

Slasher flicks are not our cup of tea, but even then, we think 'The Collection' is worth a miss.