While watching television and movies, we have often said “These awesome things exist only in movies” and “I wish that was real.” Anjum Chevalwala pens a list of fictional restaurants that she wishes were real.

Pizza Planet from Toy Story

This space themed restaurant would welcome aliens, robots, space craft’s equally. If it also had an in-house gaming arcade it would really be a dream comes true. While an actual Pizza Planet exists at the Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios park in Florida and Disneyland Paris (the French have details like the robot guards and pizza burgers) we wish it was much closer to home.

Bronto Burgers and Ribs from The Flintstones

This one’s for all meat lovers. While a brontosaurus meat patty would be difficult to find, we’d settle for pork or beef patties, fresh vegetables and lots of mayo. Add to the feast a portion of juicy ribs and we’d even put a ring on it. We know a few people who would relish the thought of eating like cavemen, where table manners were secondary and rock and roll accompanied your meal, as would your fish bone cutlery.

Mr. Ping’s Noodle shop from Kung Fu Panda

We couldn’t imagine anything more fun than (a) eating at a restaurant owned by a Chinese goose, (b) that serves chicken noodles and (c) with Po as your waiter. While the legendary dragon warrior and his father would create a riot (and possibly invite the wrath of PETA), a Kung Fu Panda restaurant would definitely make those mundane weekday lunches something to look forward to every time.


The Prancing Pony from The Lord of the Rings

Shrouded in mystery and adventure, The Prancing Pony screams trepidation, excitement and energy. This inn is like a world within a world (no, not the Inception kind), where Hobbits and humans are served alike and so much goes on in there. Like an intergalactic gateway, it caters to the seedy inhabitants of the cosmic underbelly and is probably the best refuge on a dark troublesome night. We have our rucksacks ready, if only a tall handsomely evil sort would come a knocking.

The Three Broomsticks Inn from Harry Potter

Pretend for a moment that the theme park in Orlando doesn’t exist. Now imagine a warm cosy inn, wizards and witches bustling about their business around wooden tables bending from the weight of the ale atop them. With dim lighting plus a guest appearance from Harry Potter sipping butter beer on the table next to you, you can’t help but want more.

That aside, we want to join the gentry while they slurp away some Butterbeer and Firewhiskey, served in foaming pewter tankards, gillywater, mulled mead and red currant rum. Not old enough to drink, try the cherry syrup and soda, but don’t blame us if, it’s bewitched.