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These Cool Places Should Be Your College Haunt This Year

Tanvi Juwale June 06, 2017





It's the time of the year when colleges start; juniors, seniors and newbies alike will visit their usual hangouts and exploring more. So, we thought why not list some we know?

Café New York, Charni Road
Truffled Fries


Fries, cricket matches and beer, this place is another popular post-college hangout for everyone studying at Wilson or Bhavan's College. Located on Huges Road, this is a local favourite too. We mean a lot can be done over a plate of fries, right?
Kyani & Co, Marine lines

Chicken Puffs at Kyani & Co, Marine Lines

Kyani & Co is one our favourite Irani Cafes, it's a adda for Xavierites too. We mean, it's hard to say away from delicious and filling food such kheema pav, omelettes, sandwiches, et al all that under Rs 300!
Raju Sandwich, Churchgate

Cheese Chilli Roll at Raju Sandwich Credits: Mumbai Foodicious

If you ever happen pass from outside of K C College, you'll see a crowd just outside of a stall, that's Raju Sandwich. He's known for his Pasta Roll, grilled sandwiches, and frankies under about Rs 100.
Café Andora, Bandra

Cafe Andora, Bandra West

If you were a student of St Andrew's or a local, know exactly how to navigate to this little place in the narrow by-lanes. You better be an early worm here because all their lovely chicken samosas, croissants, etc is off their shelves by midday!
Nandu Dosa, Juhu

Dosa. Image for representational purpose only

Dosas are comforting and make for a hearty meal, especially when you're a student and live on a shoestring budget. We're sure you'll polish off their Pav Bhaji and Khakra Dosa in no time!
Leopold Cafe & Bar, Colaba

Chicken Garlic Tikka at Leopold Cafe & Bar

This cafe has been around for as long as we remember; flocked with tourists and locals alike, students head here for their lovely dishes and pitchers of beer, maybe post a movie at Regal Cinema.
Candies, Bandra

Onion Rings at Candies, Bandra

You wouldn't have heard about this unless you live under a rock. With sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and meals, all under Rs 200, this place is no doubt a student favourite.
The Chocolate Heaven, Vile Parle

Chocolate Mud Pot at The Chocolate Heaven

If you're a fan of freak shakes? The Chocolate Heaven is just the place for you. Bang opposite N.M College, Vile Parle you'll find this place swarming with students sipping on their dense milkshakes and snacking on tater tots (or potato pops) most of these under Rs 200.
Frisbees, Bandra
Who doesn't love a good burger? Students in Bandra head to Frisbees for their fix of these meaty, juicy burgers served with a side of fries!
145, Kalaghoda

Nutella Waffles and Churro Ice cream Cones at 145, Kalaghoda

This noon to moon cafe sees a considerable bunch of students flocking here for their freak shakes, desserts, Animal fries and matches at the pool table, let's not forget that they also serve sheesha.
Under The Banyan Tree, Peddar Road
As the name suggests, this cosy little eatery is Under The Banyan Tree just outside Sophia College. It's stolen hearts of the students and locals alike and we see no reason why it shoudn't, because they serve some really delicious food such as Cheese Fondue, Bruschetta and much more all just under Rs 500!
Between Breads, Bandra

Bacon Fries at Between Breads, Bandra

Ever sat in class thinking about Bacon Fries? Located at Pali Hill, Between Breads is a tiny joint that serves some mighty delights. try their milkshakes, ice teas, burgers; one thing you must eat there is Bacon Fries!

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