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This Bar Is Serving Drinks At An Unbelievable Price!

Tanvi Juwale July 28, 2017






The weekend has extended, for a week! NO, we're not saying this because it's payday, but Bar Bar in Kurla has a couple of deals that are literally too hard to resist!

Bar Bar, Kurla

Bar Bar, Kurla opened its doors to the city on July 30, 2016 and they're celebrating their first anniversary week! Inspired by lowbrow fare; they focused on 'Drink More Pay less', this gastropub has had a menu replete with easy-to-eat dishes.

Monday, July 31st: All Luxury Spirits for Rs 70 All Day Long

Tuesday, August 1st: All Premium Spirits for Rs 60 All Day Long

Wednesday, August 2nd: All Popular Spirits for Rs 50 All Day Long

 Thursday, August 3rd: Draught Beer for Rs 40 All Day Long

Friday, August 4th: All Cocktails for Rs 30 All Day Long

Saturday, August 5th: All Chakna Bowls for Rs 20 All Day Long

Sunday, August 6th: All Shots for Rs 10 All Day Long


Bar Bar, Kurla

P. S. You can thank us later!

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