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This International Beer Day, Here's A Craft Beer 101

Tanvi Juwale August 03, 2017





Beer geeks say aye!
Beer - the universal beverage that has apparently been around since 10,000 BC and the world's third most consumed beverage. While our usual Kingfisher, Carlsberg, Tuborg and many others have been around, on International Beer Day, we'll venture a little about craft beers and their kind.
Let's start off with the light beers such as ciders and graduate to the darker ones such as stout.

Apple Cider

Apple Cider, Prost

Apple Cider

Well, many beer geeks will disagree with this being a beer, beer snobs might even call it an aerated fruit juice, but ciders do reserve a special place. Made with fermented apple juice, this light, and refreshing beer is the best for people who aren't very fond of beers but spend a lot of time in microbreweries anyway. You can enjoy a great pint Apple (Mango) Cider at Doolally Taproom and White Owl Brewery.



Mr Hyde at Woodside Inn

Usually, when someone says ale, we think of dark warm beers. Contradictory to the popular belief, ales range from light to dark shades.  Indian Pale Ale (IPA) or American Pale Ale (APA) Golden Ale and much more. Our personal favourite is the Mr. Hyde brewed for Woodside Inn's Beer and Burger Festival, it has delightful citrusy and floral notes to it.


The Outlander Munich Lager beer at The White Owl, Lower Parel

'Halycon' Hefeweizen at Brewbot

Hefeweizen is a part of German wheat beer group. This one particularly has a cloudy appearance along with notes of bananas and cloves. On a hot summer day, this is all you need and you can find it at White Owl Brewery!



Smoked Porter (right) at Doolally

This dark and hoppy beer hails from London with the earliest record found during the 1800s. The colour usually ranges from brown to mahogany. While it may have a dry or acidic taste, it has beautiful notes of coffee and/or chocolates, perhaps sometimes even smokiness. If you ask where could we find one, we'd say our personal favourite is Smoked Porter at Doolally Taproom, it comes with brilliant bacon after taste.




This is a dark lager that originated from German and Bavarian regions. Even though 'Dunkel' literally translates to dark, there are numerous amounts of beer this kind, however, we'll only focus on wheat beer hence, Dunkelweizen. Their colours can be from light copper to mahogany and they come with a strong roasted malt taste. Try Gateway Brewing Company's Dunkelweizen - Doppelganger at Woodside Inn,



Black Mamba at Brewbot

What comes to your mind when someone says stout? Guinness or probably Murphy's. These rich, dark beers are said to have originated from the UK and Ireland and have strong robust roasted flavours. If you ask us which one's our favourite, without a doubt, we'd say Effingut Brewerkz Choco Coffee Stout given its medium body, enchanting aroma - coffee and chocolate along with a slightly bitter taste. If you'd want something closer to home, Brewbot's Black Mamba - Chocolate Oatcream Stout.

Now that you know about city's best beers, go out on the town; live it up and chug it down!
You can thank us later!

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