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Trend Talk: Cook Easy

Vaishali Bhambri March 31, 2015





Cook like a chef in your own kitchen with these websites that deliver exotic ingredients and recipes.
Cook at home with a gourmet meal kit Photo courtesy: Cook at home with a gourmet meal kit

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Watching MasterChef Australia has channeled our inner chefs and no wonder we want to cook exotic dishes at home now. We plan our menu – watermelon and feta salad for lunch and roasted chicken with rosemary potatoes for dinner. A simple dal-chawal or roti-sabzi just won’t do anymore. But, what bothers us after these cooking sessions are the leftover ingredients that’ll lie ignored in the refrigerator; those herbs that’ll dry out in a week or the cheese that’ll rot in the fridge. It pains our heart to see those precious ingredients go to waste. That’s what troubled Bangalore-based Suyesh Shankar, co-founder of You Just Cook, a website that delivers measured ingredients with recipes. “I used to cook a lot at home but the cupboard full of ingredients and their low shelf -life used to bother me. So I started off with this venture in October 2013,” he says.
There are a host of websites now which send you measured ingredients for gourmet recipes. The ingredients come in small packets or boxes with a printout of the recipe. The idea is to give an experience as good as eating out without wasting too much time in the kitchen or spending a bomb. “Eating out is good occasionally but when it gets too often, it gets to you. We want our clients to know that you don’t need to be a celebrity chef to cook restaurant style food. At the same time, there’s no need to go hunting for ingredients,” says Vishal Shah, the CEO of Mumbai based HauteChef. Shah modeled his business on a New York based website Blue Apron.
Meal box of Pan-Seared Fish with Grape Salsa by Haute Chef

Meal box of Pan-Seared Fish with Grape Salsa by Haute Chef

The websites are a great help for people who find it difficult to source exotic ingredients. “My mom is a big fan of cooking shows, but she’ll never try the recipes in the kitchen. Sometimes she wouldn't find the ingredients and sometime they would be too expensive. With this initiative, we are actually solving a serious problem. We want to give our customers something that is not easily available,” says Daman Singh Kohli, co-owner of Gurgaon based Cook Gourmet.
Recipe kit of Pan Seared Norwegian Fish with Glazed Carrots by Cook Gourmet

Recipe kit of Pan Seared Norwegian Fish with Glazed Carrots by Cook Gourmet

The concept is a hit with working couples, experimental housewives and food bloggers too. “What I love the most about Cook Gourmet is how they have incorporated such exotic variety of dishes in their menu and ensured that the cooking and eating experience remains intact,” says Pushkina Nautiyal, an Entrepreneur.
Ankita Maini, a Haute Chef customer, who used to consider cooking risotto at home a difficult task is now a pro, thanks to the website. "Every time I used to attempt cooking risotto at home, I’d end up going to Indigo. But this recipe turned out awesome and it really wasn't as long or painful to make. The ingredients were absolutely fresh. The quantity was enough for two people,” she says.
Here’s a quick list of websites to order from in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.
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Hautechef has around 15-20 recipes on their site ranging from burgers to risotto and change every month. The recipes are curated by chefs trained at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). If an order is placed before noon, it’s delivered the same day, otherwise the next day. Some of their popular dishes include Wild Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan and Pine nuts and Arabic Fattoush Salad with Feta Cheese. The price starts from Rs 200.
Classic Chicken Salad by Ichef

Classic Chicken Salad by Ichef, Mumbai
Their menu changes weekly and comprises six meal kits. From Pad Thai Noodles to Moroccan Chicken Seekh, the kits are available with different spice content – medium, spicy and American. Along with these kits, they have a fixed menu of salads too including Tuna Salad and Arugula Salad. The same day delivery option is available for orders placed before noon. The price starts from Rs 200., Gurgaon
The Cook Gourmet serves only six gourmet main-course recipes per week. The fresh ingredients box is accompanied by a pictorial recipe card, making the cooking a lot easier. They deliver the boxes in five time slots, depending on the time of the meals. Their popular dishes include Mexican Tex Mex Chili with Sour Cream and Buns and Marrakesh Vegetable Curry with French Baguette. The price starts from Rs 299.
Asian Mushroom Omelette with a side of Salad by For My Belly

Asian Mushroom Omelette with a side of Salad by For My Belly, Delhi
The website has a stock of recipes including starters, salads, soups and desserts. You can take your pick from Asian, European, Italian and Mexican cuisines. The best thing about this website is that they deliver at any time of the day, within an hour from the time of placing the order. Some of their most ordered recipes include Chicken Laksa with Egg Noodles, Rum Balls and Chicken Quesadilla with a mild tomato sauce. The price starts from Rs 150., Bangalore
From salads, soups, Indian food, barbecue to Greek and Thai food, you name it and You Just Cook delivers it. The same day delivery option is available for orders placed before noon. The menu is fixed and extensive. Some of their popular dishes include Baked Eggplant Parmesan, Pindi Channa and Chicken with Lime and Coconut among others. The price starts from Rs 150.
Prawn Sweet Chilli Noodle Salad by Chef Kraft

Prawn Sweet Chilli Noodle Salad by Chef Kraft, Bangalore
The menu of ChefKraft includes various cuisines like Asian, American and European. The delivery is free and usually a fist timer is given a joining discount. There’s just one delivery window, between 3-7pm. Some interesting options form their menu include Falafel and Pita Sandwiches, Thai Style Chicken Salad, Dhandal with Brinjal, Pumpkin and Drumstick Patio. The price range starts from Rs 400., Bangalore
ChefSutra has recipe kits for various cuisines, barbecues, cakes and mocktails. For the orders placed before 7pm, the deliveries happen between 5-7pm the next day. Their Cheese Cake, BBQ Jamaican Chicken, Palak Paneer and Rum Rummer mocktail are some of the best sellers. The price starts from Rs 200.

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