Sharanya S dabbles with playing judge as she picks her nominations for the television series (drama) that deserves your respect, time and bandwidth.

Breaking Bad

About: A chemistry teacher who discovers he has terminal cancer and decides to use his expertise to produce the best quality crystal meth.

Why it deserves respect: This show will slow down your heart rate, make you clutch the sides of your chair and completely forget that tub of popcorn sitting on your lap. It started with a man's attempt to provide for his family while he is still alive and follows Walter White as he goes down the rabbit hole of power, politics and ruthlessness fueled by love and anger. Breaking Bad has just competed the first part of its fifth season and this is the perfect time to catch up. I promise it will have you hooked. Hooked, I say!


About: Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody returns home after being held captive in Iraq for eight years. Carrie Mathison, an unstable but driven CIA officer suspects that he is a terrorist and may be plotting an attack on America.

Why it deserves respect: a) The well-written script. b) Claire Danes. Homeland has the ability to grab you by the collar and never let go. And it occasionally shakes you up for good measure. The writers constantly write the characters and the story into a corner and then push every boundary of storytelling to come out of it.  The Emmy award-winning protagonists are perfectly cast and Danes, who plays Carrie Mathison has even earned herself a board on Pinterest dedicated to her ‘crying face’, complete with a trembling chin. Homeland doesn't hold back, it makes sure you’re on the edge of your seat and never lets your predications come true.


About: The famous sleuth and his partner solve crime in 21st century London.

Why it deserves respect: This one’s truly an adaptation and, of course, for Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones, which deserve a shrine of their very own. Sherlock put the classic story in the 21st century that has phones; GPS and way better forensic technology. And still manages to keep that excitement and suspense Sir Arthur Conan Doyle manages to evoke in his books. Two seasons; three episodes each and a yearlong wait between them; Sherlock deserves respect for getting thousands of people to hold their breath and wait a whole year for season two. This is the same short attention span generation that forgets things that happened yesterday, of course.


About:Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago, who has recently been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder.

Why it deserves respect: For being an absolutely gripping political thriller. Tom Kane, played by Kelsey Grammar (who played the bumbling Frasier Crane) is a master manipulator motivated only by power. With characters that have so many layers and so many personal agendas, Boss is the brilliant portrayal of a real world of politics where no one can be trusted.

The Wire

About:The Baltimore drug scene and its workings

Why it deserves respect: Because The Wire isn't even on air anymore but no list of good TV is complete without it. The story of a city and all its cogs ravaged and aided by the drug trafficking, The Wire is simply amazing. Full of intense dialogues (a lot of them entirely indrug slang) and a plot that doesn't assume your IQ is that of a 10 year old, this is a show you must not miss.

Can you pick from among them? Leave us a comment and we’ll see if you've can pick a victor from this tough line up.