While we haven’t stumbled across snakes and exotic potions to shake up our spa routines, Navni Kumar says we do have our fair share of quirky treatments.

If you’re tired of the regular manicures and pedicures and are open to trying something new, we’ve listed out some whacky, awesome ones for you. While the initial thought of some of the ingredients might cause some extreme reactions, we suggest holding off on your judgement until you’ve tried them.

caviarAll that glitters

If you thought caviar was a luxurious treat only for your taste-buds, think again. The tiny shiny fishy eggs can also do wonders for your skin. Caviar itself can render you penniless hence this treatment’s done using creams with caviar extracts. The treatment starts with cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a cream infused with caviar and 23 carat gold extracts. The final step is a pure gold based mask to make the skin more radiant.

What: Gold Caviar Riche Therapy

Where: Kaya Skin Clinic

Price: Rs 3500 + taxes


princesspediRoyal treatment

The ambience at this cubicle of a salon may not make you feel like royalty but the pedicure is bound to make up for it. The treatment starts with a basic cleaning of the feet and dipping in warm water with rose petals floating around. Your feet are then treated with ingredients like wine, toothpaste and even acidity helper - Eno! At one point, your feet are brushed with paraffin wax and then wrapped up in plastic bags. The benefits? Your feet emerge softer, cleaner and more relaxed than they have been in a while.

What: Princess Pedi Spa

Where: Excellence Beauty Parlour

Price: Rs 450 + taxes


blueberrySweeten the deal

The thought of blueberry cheesecake is always comforting and this time the Seven Seas Spa has found a way to work it into a beauty regime. Lean back and relax as the masseuse works magic on your feet while you take in the heavenly aroma of honey and vanilla. Add the nourishing properties of olive oil to the mix and your feet will feel loved and pampered. A ten minute back rub followed by complimentary serving of cookies and ice cream and we think you’ll be back before you say cheese!

What: Blueberry cheesecake massage

Where: Seven Seas Evania Spa

Price: Rs 1400 + taxes


coffeeCuppa coffee?

For all of us who can’t live without our daily caffeine fix, here’s something to keep those coffee cravings at bay. Sign up for the coffee massage at VLCC and this is what you’ll get: cleaning and steaming followed by a coffee paste massage. Enjoy the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee as your muscles are kneaded into easing up. Said to increase blood circulation, we think this is one we’d like to try ourselves.

What: Coffee massage

Where: All VLCC outlets across the city

Price: Rs 1500 + taxes

So if you’re looking to treat yourself to a spa day, be adventerous and pick one of these to try something different for a change. When you have, come back to burrp! and share your experience with us.