With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Veethi Telang shows you how to have a cheap steak without being a cheapskate.

­­­­­­Big spender

paasha puneWith an elastic budget, comes the promise of something great and Paasha can be a romantic retreat. This roof-top restaurant ensures a cozy, yet classy environment with great North Indian cuisine. Revel in the view from the 24th floor as it makes the brightly lit up city of Pune come to life, while you hold her hand watching the moments of love pass by. The lavish décor and rich hospitality make Paasha a perfect location to spend a quiet evening with your better half. For those who’re not quite fond of loud music and dancing on a date, Paasha overlooks the Shor in the city in a style of its own! Fancy everything flamboyant? You better save some bucks for the big night.

Where: Paasha @ Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, Senapati Bapat Road
Must try –
The Dal Pasha and Mutton Biryani
Meal for two – Rs 2000+ taxes (with alcohol)

Italian love affair

darios2Pamper your taste buds with lip-smacking Italian food at Darios – an already popular haunt in Koregaon Park. Sit outdoors under a canopy of tropical trees and you won’t be able to keep yourself from admiring the eclectic artistic Parisian décor. Sip on any one of the wines available in between chowing down on ravioli, thin-crust pizzas, and spaghetti. As you savor every bit of your Italian meal cooked to perfection, the occasional shrieking of the peacocks from the nearby Osho ashram adds that serene touch to your evening all the while you’re there.

Where: Darios @ Koregaon Park
Must try – Ravioli Kamarina, Picciutti Pizza
Meal for two – Rs 1500+ taxes (without alcohol)

Jazzed and How!

shisha_cafe_08The 14th of February is a weekday and while, a candle light dinner is important, so is your sanity at that board meeting the next morning. Head to Shisha at ABC Farms and wind down for the evening. Choose either the Iranian welcome chairs to sit, or relax on divans embellished with Persian carpets and backrests. The lush green settings ensure you and your lady an unusual yet traditional Indo-Iranian experience to celebrate the day of love. If slow jazz and Iranian cuisine is up your street, could you ask for better?

Where: Shisha Café @ Koregaon Park
Must try – Sekanjabin (Mint cocktail) and Chelo Kebabs
Meal for two – Rs 1000+ taxes (with alcohol)

An Oriental ‘Wok’ to Remember

all stir fryKudos to you if you’re all gutsy on experimenting with new food when on a date! But if you’d like to take the safer road on the D-day, take a ‘quick wok’ down the noodle bar at All Stir Fry where you get to design your own meal by picking veggies, condiments, and sauces of your choice. Better, why not give and take suggestions from each other and relish the end result? Watch the chef skillfully play with your ingredients while you both take pleasure in the chic, contemporary ambiance. If your lady isn’t the I-frickin’-count-every-calorie kinds, two rounds of the wok are highly recommended! All sated, you have the fortune cookies served in the end to bring the evening to its perfect conclusion.

Where: All Stir Fry @ The Gordon House Hotel, Ganeshkhind
Must try – DIY Wok, Honey-Fried noodles
Meal for two – Rs 900 + taxes (without alcohol)

Of candle lights and hymns of love

by the wayHow about you sit back with your sweetheart having a candle light dinner, and let the best collection of music numbers ever do the trick? By The Way is your ultimate destination for a small, private evening in the heart of the city. And boy do they play the best music you’ll ever get to hear! Choose to sit in open air or in closed settings - a wide variety of American, Indian, Italian, and Thai food awaits you to satiate your bellies. If ritzy turns you off, and you’re one of the staunch subscribers to zero swank when on a date, this is the place you have to be in on 14th Feb. Rugged yet pleasant interiors, candle lights, music from the yesteryears.. is there another way to win her heart and be easy on the pocketbook, at the same time?

Where: By the Way @ Fergusson College Road
Must try
 – Nachos with Cheese Sauce, Virgin Guava Mary
Meal for two – Rs 700 + taxes (without alcohol)

There you go with togetherness options across the city, no matter what mood you’re in! While it’s not necessary that romance cost a fortune, a little splurge on the special day of love is definitely a given. You know what’s the best way to perfectly wrap up your date? Instead of having dessert at the restaurant, take it to her place, if you know what I mean.