Aashu Anshuman gives you 3 ways to surprise your tech-loving sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

It’s that time of the year again when being in love becomes a whole lot tougher. Come the 14th of February, your honey will be expecting a little something special to signify how much you really care.

From the heartSwarovski Heart Shaped USB 1116970W100

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a Swarovski. Well, that is a bit of stretch, but play along for a while. It is ruby red, shaped like a heart and here's the kicker...it comes with a built-in USB flash drive. This pendant will not only tell your partner you love them but also rid them of their
portable storage troubles. The heart and all the redness might be a little cheesy but we are not judging, we promise! After all, it might just fill the heart shaped hole in your life.

Price: Rs 4,000

Buy it here: Swarovski stores across the city. Details here

Call waiting

powermatWe know no one told you love was going to be so tough, and a pathetic battery life doesn’t make it any easier. If you see your sanity hanging by a thread every time they’re off charging their phone, try this. The Powermat makes certain that a dead battery won‘t lead your relationship to the same state. The Powermat is almost a blessing except that it won't make your partner want to talk to you more!

Price: Rs 5,000

Buy it here: Croma stores across the country. Details here.

Lose (some of) yourself

dance central 3If you look into the mirror and see those extra pounds poking out at all the wrong places, you might want to consider shaping up for your honey. Try the Dance Central 3 for Xbox Kinect.

Make this a dedicated hour or two spent together and you have a double winner! With dancing and working out all built into the same game, it’s an easy sell with many benefits. We cannot recommend this enough, because a fit and healthy Valentine's Day is really the best kind.

Price: Rs 2,599

Buy it here: Games the Shop, Mumbai; Croma, Delhi

Shield your love

tagrus ipad coverIf your darling has an iPad, this case from Targus is one perfect way to hike its style quotient. It sports a custom-fit, sturdy, water-resistant padded twill exterior shell, that's easy to clean and a plush inner lining, which offers scratch resistance. Now, there’s an idea that classy and long lasting, just like your relationship.

Price: Rs 2,899

Buy it here: Croma stores across the country. Details here.

Pure gene-ious

photogallery_dna_02When it comes to personalised gifts, next to nothing can beat this entry. Your sweetie is unique and one of a kind. What better way to tell them how special they are than with a DNA poster.

Order a poster at DNA11.com and they will send you a DNA collection kit. Take a little swab off the insides of your cheek (no, it doesn't hurt) and your partner’s and send the sample back to the folks at DNA 11. Depending on which option you pick, you will soon receive a colour poster of the DNA sample in the mail shortly. While the price tag is a tad hefty, you’ll know it’s worth it with the smile on their face.

Price: Starts from Rs 12,000

Buy it here: www.dna11.com

Try surprising your partner with these gifts and tell us how they reacted to your thoughtful gift hunting. You can thank us later!