Don’t spend sleepless nights plucking out pretty petals wondering if your crush feels the same way. Go out and treat yourself to a little happiness, says Anjum Chevalwala.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’re probably zeroing in on a gift for someone special. While that might earn you some brownie points, we suggest you spoil yourself as well pick out a little something for just you.

ex-unique knife holderTake a stab at it

Apart from its intended purpose, the Ex-Unique knife holder might prove useful during the times when you feel like stabbing someone. It needn’t always be your ex, but hey, its better and far more satisfying than voodoo dolls.

With five razor sharp precision cutting blades and a plastic casing for every knife to prevent blade exposure it makes for a fun kitchen accessory. Available in four colours - red, blue, white and silver – this is one way to displace pent up anger while staying the heck out of jail. Give yourself bonus points if you can also put it to good use and hone your chopping skills for that dinner for your new sweetie.


Price: Rs 5,267 (plus taxes and shipping charges)



With this cute little portable speaker, you can turn any place into a party. Plug in your MP3 player; turn up the volume and voila! you are ready to boogey. Available with a USB charging cable, iPod or MP3 connection cord and a batter life of close to four hours, we’re asking ‘where’s the party at?’


Price: Rs 9,561

Huggy buddy


We all have a cushion that’s been our best friend; we’ve used them to hide out tears and sometimes squeezed it to death from sheer nervousness. Dress this special companion with something that reflects your personality.  Pick the Madhubala or Taj Mahal cover if you’re a sucker for a love story or try the U2 tribute cover if Bono makes your heart sing.

If you’re not a fan of either, there’s plenty to pick from, so go ahead and look them up.

Where: Eco Corner

Price: Rs 650

gorillapodClick ok please

Curiously this tri-limbed product called GorillaPod looks more like a Spider or Octopus with over two dozen leg joints and strong magnetic pads on its feet. Mount this super flexible tripod virtually anywhere to get clear stable pictures.

Available for both point and shoot cameras and DSLR cameras, this is perfect for a trip on your own or with friends.  This light weight and handy gizmo is just perfect if you never leave home without your trustworthy camera ever.

Where: Inter Foto

Price: Rs 1999 (GorillaPod Magnetic) and Rs 3500 (GorillaPod SLR Zoom)

LOL COVER Mario MirandaLaugh out loud

Carry you own dose of intellectual humour and laughter around. The LOL 2013 – A tribute to Mario Miranda diary is a collection of Miranda’s illustrations over the years. With cheeky comments on the stereotype of women and politicians and graphics that’ll have you splits, it is the must have planner for the year ahead. The diary is available in four different hard bound covers and two sizes.

Where: Anupam Stationary, Goregaon (E)

Price: Rs 399

shot glasses blissDiva, drama queen, drunk

With this set of colourful shot glasses, you can indulge your alter ego anytime. Be the spoilt bitch, the diva, drama queen or even the shopaholic without apologies. If you’re none of the above, it doesn’t matter, play act to add some fun to your parties. Guys, find your match with the sober, tipsy, wasted and plastered set.

Where: Bliss Store

Price: Rs 500

hippie flaskHippie Flask

Strut around with this uber cool stainless steel hip flask. It’s a brightly coloured with a classy vintage design and can be the cause of much envy. Pick between orange and green and give the old school ones a run for their money.

Where: Bliss Store and Loose Ends

Price: Rs 1050



Chug Mug

small talk coaster 2

Tickle your funny bone with these witty small-talk coasters. Great as ice-breakers, these conversation starters don’t take themselves too seriously and are perfect for house partiers or a casual get together with friends.

With four different types available, these aren’t sold in sets, so go ahead and get multiple copies of just your favourites or the collection.

Where: Bliss Store and Loose Ends

Price: Rs 90 (per coaster)

So ditch the guilt of indulgence and pamper yourself with some of these funky gifts. After all, everyone deserves to be loved – you included.